INDIANAPOLIS, IN (August 14, 2009) — Introduced in 1998, the Klipsch® Quintet™ home theater system helped set the standard for big sound from small speakers. The company is now introducing a fourth-generation Quintet that features a fresh look and new horn-loaded technology, while keeping the same $900 price tag as the original when paired with the new, matching Klipsch SW-350 subwoofer.

“The Quintet is our best-selling surround sound setup of all time,” said Mark Casavant, vice president of product development for Klipsch. “Since its inception, it has always been the biggest sounding small system on the market.”

As with all previous Quintet designs, the new system consists of four speakers for main channel and surround sound use and a video-shielded center channel. Sold separately, the SW-350 subwoofer, which employs a high-output 8-inch driver, perfectly anchors the Quintet setup—making it a complete 5.1 system.

The speakers and center channel feature thick ABS enclosures that minimize vibration, so there’s no interference with the sound emanating from the drivers. Furthermore, the speakers’ elliptical shape and the center channel’s semi-circular shape increase cabinet rigidity and minimize resonance.

The rear tuned-flared port on each speaker and center channel ensures that all available driver energy converts to acoustical output for maximum bass efficiency and dynamic range. The port also reduces audible turbulence for higher clarity and fidelity.

When it comes to high-frequency components, the speakers and center channel employ lightweight, aluminum tweeters mated to Klipsch’s newest generation XT MicroTractrix™ Horns, as well as compact neodymium magnet motor structures. This latest horn design offers greater detail, a smoother response and a wider soundstage. “The Quintet is the first product at this price point to incorporate the XT design,” said Casavant. “It is a proprietary technology that allows us to generate classic Klipsch performance from smaller cabinets.”

Each speaker and center channel’s low-frequency response is handled by 3.5-inch woofers made of injection molded graphite, or IMG, polypropylene that yields top-end clarity and mid-bass definition.

The Quintet’s phase-coherent crossover design ensures more dynamic impact then competitive designs. It also establishes extended listening at higher volumes, with even greater vocal clarity and detail.

Instead of spring-loaded speaker terminals that are commonly used on similar priced systems, the Quintet features high-quality binding posts that accept heavy gauge wire, spade connectors or banana plugs.

Each speaker incorporates a unique swiveling pedestal base, allowing it to also serve as a wall bracket. The base also features improved wire management for on-wall applications. Simply feed the speaker wires through the small hole that’s located on the base for a clean, discreet installation. The center channel wall mounts by fastening a compatible aftermarket wall bracket to its ¼”-20 threaded insert.

Regardless of where you put it, the Quintet has a clean, modern appearance that blends nicely with any décor. It features a satin black finish and black cloth grilles—a color scheme that also complements today’s HDTVs.

“Like every Klipsch product ever built, the new Quintet is designed to convey the power, detail and emotion of all types of music, movies and video games,” noted Casavant. “Our products deliver performances that are as close to a live event as you can get.”

The four Quintet speakers and center channel are packaged and sold together as a five-channel setup for $549.99. The recommended SW-350 subwoofer retails for $349.99.