INDIANAPOLIS (March 25, 2008) — For over 60 years, Klipsch engineers have sought the ultimate: a loudspeaker that could reproduce recorded music with all the passion of a live performance. The new Palladium™ Series approaches aural perfection, while making a visual statement that is every bit as elegant and passionate as the sound.

The Palladium Series P-39F floorstander represents the epitome of loudspeaker technology, with remarkable clarity throughout the dynamic range and bold styling. Today, Klipsch Group, Inc. is a global force, and this flagship loudspeaker reflects that leadership status; design and engineering teams from the United States collaborated with colleagues from Germany and China to plan and execute the Palladium project.

To ensure that the new speaker exceeded consumer expectations, the Klipsch team enlisted the assistance of BMW Group DesignworksUSA—a global design consultancy that has done projects for BMW Group vehicles as well as other premium brands. The result is simply spectacular; a clean, contemporary look that enhances any living space. According to Mark Casavant, Klipsch vice president of product development, “The Palladium Series is intended to represent the highest levels of achievement in engineering and style; the look and finish of these speakers certainly achieve that goal.”
In designing the Palladium P-39F cabinet, Designworks first considered the Klipsch heritage and unique approach to acoustic design. Trends in home interior and furniture were also factored in, as was the current audio market landscape.

The result is a speaker that flawlessly melds classic Klipsch® audio with the latest in home furniture trends. The striking “boat-tail” design hints at the power and performance inside, while maintaining a high degree of sophistication and beauty. More importantly, the arched shape of the P-39F flagship loudspeaker actually contributes to its remarkable sound by breaking up standing waves at higher frequencies.

Next to its unique shape, the most striking visual element is the beautiful stained zebra-grain Linia veneer finish. The horizontal linear grain matches that of the most popular contemporary furniture and emphasizes the elegant curvature of the cabinet. Three different finish stains are available: natural, merlot and espresso.

When in place, the two magnetically attached speaker grilles are designed to subtly reveal the classic Klipsch horn at the top and the hybrid drivers below; those who desire a more functional, powerful look may choose to remove them entirely to display the components.

The P-39F’s side-firing ports are another example of the marriage of form and function. The ports themselves increase bass response, while their metallic finish mirrors the horn and driver trim rings. Because Palladium P-39F loudspeakers are sold as matched left-right pairs, the ports make an easily seen visual statement.

An adjustable brushed aluminum floating base supports the cabinet at just four points, rather than the entire area of the base. This raises the cabinet from floor level but maintains absolute stability.

Power. Detail. Emotion. Combined, these qualities are the embodiment of the Klipsch core philosophy. And all are expressed—beautifully—in the brilliant new Palladium P-39F loudspeaker.

Priced at $20,000 per pair (U.S. MSRP), the Palladium P-39F speakers will begin shipping to select specialty retail outlets around the world in July.

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