INDIANAPOLIS (March 25, 2008) — Klipsch developed its new flagship Palladium™ P-39F floorstanding speaker to be a universal masterpiece of sound and design. The company plans to use this ultra-luxury product with unprecedented proprietary technologies to fulfill the most exacting demands of select customers around the world.

“Offering the highest level of perfection in every respect, this speaker is the pinnacle of modern-day horn-loaded technology and craftsmanship,” said Mark Casavant, Klipsch vice president of product development. “Steady global growth of the Klipsch® brand has proven to more and more people that horn-loaded speakers just sound better. Now that the Klipsch name is highly recognized and trusted on a much broader scale, we believe the market is ready to experience our more esoteric side.”

According to Casavant, a large percentage of high-end speakers utilize “off-the-shelf” drivers; the P-39F drivers were carefully designed and tested in the company’s advanced engineering and technology center in Indianapolis, Ind.

A 3.5-way Tapered Array design, the P-39F employs a new, proprietary horn-loaded tweeter assembly made of unique acoustically-damped materials, a sophisticated inverted dome midrange, and three high-output woofers to create a stunningly precise audio experience with high sensitivity and extremely low distortion.

Developed from the ground up, the speaker’s ¾-inch titanium diaphragm tweeter utilizes two powerful neodymium magnets and a resistively damped back chamber. A uniquely chambered phase plug and exclusive Tractrix® Horn combination delivers an extended high-frequency response that is inherently flat from 3kHz to 30kHz. Additionally, this arrangement reduces heat levels so that the driver will maintain its full dynamic capability at any volume level.

Housed in its own acoustically-tuned, sealed enclosure, the P-39F midrange employs a 4.5-inch inverted aluminum diaphragm driver powered by three high-temperature neodymium magnets, allowing it to operate effortlessly from 500Hz to 3kHz. A copper-capped pole piece reduces inductance modulation, giving a low-distortion, clean sound. The 1-inch voice coil not only delivers high sensitivity, but also generates a very responsive and accurate moving system.

The midrange’s lightweight foamed rubber surround allows the P-39F to achieve improved linear excursion, especially in the high-frequency range. The midrange driver is coupled to a 90-degree by 60-degree acoustically-damped Tractrix Horn via a four-to-one compression phase plug, which is specifically designed to operate over the midrange frequencies.

The P-39F’s three low-frequency drivers employ 9-inch hybrid cone woofers (made of aluminum, Rohacell® and Kevlar®), powered by a unique three-part neodymium magnet structure with dual stabilizing rings that reduce nonlinear flux. Triple ports further enhance low-distortion bass response. Each woofer’s 1.5-inch voice coil responds accurately to the smallest signal modulation, yet can also handle the high power of the most demanding soundtracks.

For signal purity and perfect driver integration, the P-39F’s crossover network features the finest components. When combined with the smooth, natural roll off of the drivers, the network creates a fourth-order electro-acoustic filter. Found in a damped region of the speaker’s base plate, the network also allows the tri-wire input connectors to be hidden from view.

Featuring a “boat-tail” enclosure, the P-39F’s cabinet walls are up to 30mm thick with multiple laminations of medium density fiberboard that have been molded through a proprietary process. Extensive internal bracing gives the speaker a more rigid and structurally sound enclosure.

It is also important to note that every P-39F comes as a “matching” left and right speaker pair. Not only are all of the driver components within each particular set acoustically matched, their cabinets also coordinate with one another by positioning their triple ports on opposite sides and sharing the same wood grain finish.

Having worked in conjunction with BMW Group DesignworksUSA—a global design consultancy that has done projects for BMW Group vehicles as well as other premium brands—Klipsch was able to make the P-39F a truly unique and elite statement piece.

Palladium P-39F floorstanders will begin shipping to select U.S. specialty retailers this summer. For a complete home theater experience, six other globally-inspired high-end models which use the same technology and design principles as the P-39F will launch during the same timeframe.

P-39F Technical Highlights:

• Acoustically inert, carbon-infused, thermoset composite 90 x 60-degree Tractrix Horns and
phase plugs

• 19mm (0.75-inch) titanium diaphragm super tweeter with twin N38H neodymium magnet motor
structure mated to 4:1 high-compression chambered phase plug

• 114mm (4.5-inch) inverted aluminum diaphragm midrange with triple N35H neodymium
magnet motor structure with dedicated sub-enclosure mated to 4:1 high-compression
chambered phase plug

• 3 x 228mm (9-inch) hybrid aluminum / Rohacell® / Kevlar® diaphragm woofers with triple
N35H neodymium magnet motor structures and dual Faraday aluminum shorting rings

• High-flow, low-restriction, die-cast aluminum midrange and woofer frames with integrated

• Optimized Tapered Array 3.5-way (4th order electro-acoustic) networks with high-linearity, low
insertion loss air-core inductors, Solen metalized polypropylene fast capacitors and ultra low
inductance power resistors mounted on double-sided, plated-thru PCB’s

• Tri-wire, gold-plated brass Klipsch binding posts with gold-plated bus bars

• All drive units and networks are hand sorted and factory matched within 0.5dB

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