INDIANAPOLIS (October 31, 2000) - The electronic entertainment industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar business through mesmerizing advancements in computer technology. But the sound quality of computers has lagged behind, causing great consumer demand for high-performance multimedia speakers.

Klipsch Audio Technologies, a leading worldwide manufacturer of home theater and professional cinema loudspeakers, has introduced the ProMedia™ 2.1, calling it the most powerful three-piece computer audio system on the market and the first three-piece system ever to be THX®-Certified.

According to Paul Jacobs, COO of the Klipsch Worldwide Products Group, Klipsch is setting the standard for personal audio performance and the launch of the ProMedia 2.1 is a shining example of Klipsch's market leadership.

"As the number one specialty loudspeaker brand in the U.S. and the number one supplier of professional loudspeakers to the world's largest cinema operator, Klipsch is the clear authority on loudspeaker performance," Jacobs said. "By applying this expertise to the desktop, we've created 'best of class' computer speaker systems that deliver the power and accuracy that consumers demand from CDs, DVD movies, MP3 downloads, gaming and other popular personal audio applications."

The ProMedia 2.1 is compatible with and easily connected to most portable audio devices such as MP3, CD, Minidisc and DVD players; video game consoles; and even camcorders, VCRs and televisions through its standard miniplug input jack.

Reasonably priced ($179.99 U.S. MSRP), the ProMedia 2.1 is available for purchase at specialty audio stores, on the Klipsch web site ( and included with high-end computer systems sold by Compaq, Dell Gigabuys, Alienware and Falcon Northwest.

The two-way ProMedia 2.1 satellite speakers are driven by exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix™ Horns that cleanly and accurately handle the high frequencies, creating a precise nearfield image and soundstage. A three-inch fiber-composite cone driver delivers smooth mid-bass reproduction. A preamplifier control pod, which features separate main volume and subwoofer level controls, a headphone jack and the miniplug input, is located on one of the satellite units. Each satellite speaker comes with a self-supporting pedestal, but Klipsch also offers accessory upgrades such as telescopic floor stands and adjustable wall brackets through its web site (

The high-output, low distortion subwoofer is a bass-reflex type with a flared, tuned front port and 6.5" side-firing driver. The 200-watt, three-channel, digital linear hybrid amplifier, housed in the subwoofer enclosure, is highly efficient and delivers superior sound quality over conventional amplifiers.