INDIANAPOLIS (June 4, 2007) — With the Quintet™ Satellite Microsystem being the all-time best-selling home theater bundle for speaker manufacturer Klipsch, the company recently launched a new step-up flat-panel version called the Quintet SL.

“The Quintet Microsystem has been wildly popular for us so it makes perfect sense to turn it into a family affair,” said Jim Garrett, Klipsch director of product planning. “The Quintet SL once again proves that compact dimensions and sophisticated style can coexist with dynamic sound.”

Comprised of three slender LCR (left, center, right) speakers and two satellites for surrounds, the five-channel Quintet SL system incorporates over 60 years of class-leading research and development experience. For increased low-frequency power, Klipsch recommends pairing the system up with its Synergy Series Sub-12 subwoofer that’s sold separately.

“Listening to movies through a flat-panel TV’s built-in speakers often yields a lackluster entertainment experience. A great picture with mediocre sound won’t deliver the cinematic effect most folks crave,” said Garrett. “The Quintet SL and Sub-12 easily and affordably allow flat-panel owners to complete the movie theater experience at home. As the leader in professional cinema sound, no other brand offers the same energy and intensity we do.”

Each magnetically shielded LCR speaker employs dual 3.5-inch high-output woofers and a 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter mated to an exclusive Tractrix® horn, a design that delivers genuine lifelike sound as well as produces more output using less energy. Each also offers easy keyhole wall mounting and includes a pedestal foot for free-standing use as a left/right main speaker or center channel.

The two satellites that serve as surrounds are the same speakers featured in the Quintet Microsystem. Each utilizes a 3.5-inch long-throw woofer for remarkable detail and clarity and a 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter coupled to a MicroTractrix™ Horn for precise high frequencies. Additionally, these magnetically shielded satellites feature a swiveling pedestal foot for convenient wall mounting or bookshelf placement.

The optional Sub-12 gets its hard-hitting intensity from a 12-inch, down-firing driver coupled to a highly efficient BASH amplifier that creates 300 watts of continuous power and 650 watts of dynamic power. Its built-in, steep-slope (24dB/octave) low-pass crossover is continuously adjustable from 40 to 120Hz. A phase control facilitates acoustical integration of the subwoofer with the other speakers in the system. An "auto power" feature enables the subwoofer to turn itself on and off (standby) automatically, based on the presence or absence of an audio signal.

In addition to using premium components throughout, the Quintet SL system has a modern, refined industrial design. While the LCRs and satellites feature a dark gray finish with medium gray accents, the Sub-12 is available in a black ash vinyl finish with titanium accents.

The five-channel Quintet SL bundle is priced at $950 (U.S. MSRP), while the separate Sub-12 carries a price tag of $499 (U.S. MSRP). They are available at Best Buy stores throughout the United States and Canada and regionally at hhgregg.