INDIANAPOLIS (March 26, 2008) — Most home theater products available today lack expansibility and confine owners to one room of the house. In response, Klipsch is launching a high-end multi-room product series that wirelessly streams the company’s high-performance sound throughout the home.

The new KlipschCast™ family lets users “build” a superior multi-room audio system for music and movies without having to wire, cut holes or retrofit in any way. Watch KlipschCast demo.

To begin, the award-winning CS-700 home theater system is a 2.1 setup with a wireless subwoofer. Applying over 60 years of engineering expertise and Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology, this compact package is designed to deliver the most powerful, most lifelike virtual surround sound performances on the market. The system’s wireless subwoofer and easy set up also make it one of the most flexible.

Additionally, the CS-700 serves as a hub for wirelessly transmitting CD-quality audio not only to its local subwoofer, but also to other KlipschCast products such as the award-winning RoomGroove. Sold separately, this iPod® speaker requires no wiring beyond a power cord and has a retractable dock.

“With unmatched wireless competency and dynamic sound performance, our KlipschCast products fill the market gap for a high-quality multi-room audio system that’s easy to install and simple to operate,” said Mike Klipsch, president of Klipsch Audio Technologies. “This platform allows users to easily expand their Klipsch sound from room-to-room without being tripped up or tied down.”

Alone, each product is designed to be a top performer in its category; together, the CS-700 and one or more RoomGrooves really deliver the full-capability of a KlipschCast system—wirelessly sending CD-quality music, TV or movie sound all over the house.

KlipschCast™ Wireless Technology Basics
Simply, through KlipschCast, the CS-700 home theater system sends a wireless CD-quality audio signal to one or more RoomGroove iPod speakers. This signal can be the same one playing on the CS-700 or something entirely different. The CS-700 is capable of playing up to two separate sources at the same time. For example, the CS-700 can play a DVD movie in the living room, while the RoomGroove broadcasts the CS-700’s AM/FM tuner in the kitchen.

The RoomGroove can also play music locally, utilizing its retractable iPod dock or through its auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Since the RoomGroove is a transceiver, it can transmit as well as receive, allowing it to send this MP3 music signal to other RoomGroove units throughout the house. In fact, users can create a multi-room music system with just RoomGroove units if they desire. The robust 2.4GHz wireless technology found in these products offers unlimited add-on opportunities.

CS-700: Home Theater Made Simple
This sleek, simple and small home theater package uses digital processing circuitry to simulate the effect of a larger, five-speaker system with just two satellites, a subwoofer and an A/V center.

Each satellite employs dual magnetically shielded 3-inch woofers and a 0.75-inch magnetically shielded tweeter mated to an exclusive Tractrix® Horn, a design that delivers genuine lifelike sound as well as produces more output using less energy. Furthermore, the cutting-edge research that drives the development of the company’s leading movie cinema speakers is also applied in the CS-700.

The subwoofer utilizes an 8-inch down-firing woofer and 200 watts of amplifier power to generate hard-hitting bass response. Due to its compact size and wireless capability, this subwoofer can easily be hidden away while still delivering dramatic low-end effects.

The CS-700 home theater’s A/V center has an up-converting DVD player that is capable of delivering a 1080i resolution via its HDMI output, so the signal matches the amazing resolution capability of an HD television. The A/V center also features an AM/FM tuner and three auxiliary inputs, allowing users to connect other audio devices to the unit. A universal IR remote control directs all system functions, as well as those of the TV and other entertainment devices.

Available in a black finish, this system offers a clean, modern design that fits comfortably into any living environment. Essentially plug-and-play, the CS-700 can be operating in as little as 10 minutes. All it takes is hooking the satellites and TV up to the A/V center, using the color-coded wiring and then plugging in the A/V center’s power cord. With respect to the system’s subwoofer, all you have to do is plug its power cord into the wall; no other connections are needed. A step-by-step set up guide is included to walk users through the process.

RoomGroove: A Digital Music Genius
A true two-way design, this iPod speaker utilizes dual 2.5-inch high-output woofers in a ported enclosure, premium crossover networks and dual MicroTractrix™ Horn-loaded tweeters.

While the RoomGroove’s hidden dock accepts and charges all iPods with 30-pin connectors, it also comes with Apple universal well inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes. The dock opens and closes via the Klipsch logo touch sensor that’s located on the front of the unit. The RoomGroove is also compatible with other MP3 players via an auxiliary input.

Available in a black finish, the RoomGroove is ready to perform as soon as you plug it in and dock an iPod. An IR remote control lets users select different KlipschCast sources.

Price and Availability
Launching at select retail locations in May, the CS-700 will carry a $1,299.99 price tag (U.S. MSRP), while the RoomGroove can be purchased now for $299 (U.S. MSRP) at select retail locations and A three-room KlipschCast system featuring a CS-700 and two RoomGrooves will retail for just under $2,000 (U.S. MSRP).