INDIANAPOLIS (September 13, 2006) — On September 8, Klipsch Audio Technologies, a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers, filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana against the following Internet sites for sales violations:,, and

Klipsch is seeking recovery of damages as well as an injunction to prevent the defendants from inducing authorized dealers to transship Klipsch products, interfering with the contractual relationships between Klipsch and its authorized dealers, infringing on Klipsch trademarks, illegally using Klipsch’s copyrighted materials, and otherwise competing unfairly with Klipsch.

President Mike Klipsch said that the lawsuit filed against these three sites is nearly identical to the lawsuits Klipsch filed against in December 2004 and,,, and in January 2004. He explained that Klipsch accomplished everything it set out to do with the previous lawsuits including securing a lifetime ban that prevents the web sites, their owners and any future businesses they own from ever selling Klipsch brand products.

“The web sites we’ve sued in the past removed any trace of Klipsch from their web sites just days after we filed the lawsuits,” Mike Klipsch said. “Unfortunately, there are still some hold-outs trying to capitalize on the hard work and substantial investment that Klipsch and its authorized dealers have made in our brand identity. Our solid resolve in this matter simply will not allow free-riders and their unscrupulous, corrupt business practices to damage the quality, integrity and value of the authorized Klipsch dealer network.”

Mike Klipsch said, and illegally use Klipsch’s trademarks and copyrighted materials -- critical pieces of the positive image Klipsch has projected since 1946. He said the Klipsch brand is registered in over 30 countries and that the Indianapolis-based company would not permit this relative newcomer to damage the global brand image Klipsch has spent 60 years building.

Klipsch is continuing its relationship with, a brand protection company that assists Klipsch with shutting down auctions by unauthorized dealers using third party web sites such as Ebay and Yahoo. Klipsch officials said has the bandwidth to continuously and tirelessly investigate Internet sales violations, file the appropriate paperwork with the third party web sites, and remove illegal auctions the same day they are found.