INDIANAPOLIS (October 8, 2008) — Music and movie lovers across the nation now have the opportunity to enjoy premium sound at a not so premium price thanks to a fresh line of Klipsch® home audio speakers that are sold exclusively through Best Buy®.

The latest five-model Icon V Series—an all-new product class for Klipsch—was born out of feedback the legendary speaker company received from Best Buy’s employees and customers—information reflecting that people want superior, value-priced sound in the lifestyle speaker category.

“Giving our customers great entertainment experiences is what we’re all about—something that can only happen when you sell the best possible product solutions for their needs,” said Mike Mohan, senior vice president of home theater for Best Buy. “Over the years, we’ve worked closely with Klipsch to provide our shoppers with speaker products that deliver best-in-class performance and value.”

According to Mark Casavant, Klipsch vice president of product development, Klipsch was able to address all of Best Buy’s needs when building the Icon V line. “You’ll find that these home theater speakers are purpose built, equally focusing on sound, style and value. In fact, Icon V is a superb entry point into Klipsch sound performance. Never before has our power, detail and emotion been available in this size footprint and price point.”

Consisting of two floorstanders (VF-36 and VF-35) and single bookshelf (VB-15), center channel (VC-25) and surround (VS-14) models, each Icon V design uses highly reliable components and patent-pending horn technology to deliver rich, full-bodied sound performances from cabinets that are a lot slimmer than traditional speakers. “V fills the market gap for slender, cosmetically pleasing audio products that sound just as amazing as much larger, more expensive models,” said Casavant.

He also noted that horn-loaded tweeters have been the driving force behind Klipsch’s stunningly precise sound for over 60 years. The latest XT design found in Icon V Series takes the company’s time-proven philosophies to the next level by altering the surface geometry of each speaker’s Tractrix® Horn. As a result, listeners can enjoy amazingly broad sound coverage with smooth response and constant directivity. And as always, horn-loading makes Klipsch speakers easy to drive with a typical A/V receiver.

Other sound enhancing features of the Icon V lineup include aluminum tweeters for improved tonal balance, fiber-composite lightweight woofer cones for high output dynamics and deep bass, as well as high-definition, precision-voiced crossovers for tighter tolerance and higher accuracy.

Featuring a stylish look that complements modern video and audio components, Icon V cabinets are made of sleek black medium density fiberboard with furniture-grade wood veneer top or side caps, depending on the model. Each cabinet is internally braced to eliminate vibration and create tight, natural bass performance. The series also has durable fixed grilles to protect the low frequency drivers from damage.

“We’re excited to be able to offer Icon V to our customers,” concluded Mohan. “It’s a great example of how companies can work together to find the best ways to meet customer needs.”

Best Buy is selling the Icon V Series for $950 for a pair of VF-36 floorstanders, $750 for a pair of VF-35 floorstanders, $300 for a pair of VB-15 bookshelf speakers, $280 for each VC-25 center channel and $330 for a pair of VS-14 surrounds. In January, Klipsch will introduce two new subwoofers in the Icon V Series.