Nearly a decade ago, the quest began to create the ultimate global expression of Klipsch® sound technology. After years of designing, refining and searching throughout the world for the best possible components, the stage was set. With the introduction of the flagship P-39F Palladium floorstander, we’ve achieved a new standard of excellence—one that is reflected in the entire Palladium family.

The Palladium Series brought together design and engineering teams from around the world. Top professionals from Indianapolis, Indiana; Los Angeles, California; Hope, Arkansas; Munich, Germany; Guangzhou, China; and Shenzhen, China participated in bringing this remarkable vision to fruition. While literally hundreds of men and women were closely involved with the Palladium Series, three Klipsch employees formed the core of this development team, seeing these unique speakers from inception to completion:

Larry Coan, director of mechanical engineering:
A significant portion of Larry’s two years at Klipsch have been spent working on the Palladium project. Prior to joining us, he was part of the senior technical staff at Thomson Consumer Electronics, involved with RCA television design and development. A native of Springfield, Ohio, Larry received his BS in mechanical engineering from Ohio University and his MBA from Indiana. He is 48 years old.

“The Industrial Design provided by BMW DesignworksUSA in California pushed the mechanical design envelope in every way—from the radically curved cabinets to the elegant aluminum trim pieces. Once the consumer gets past this product's amazing performance, they should be equally impressed with its form and finish.”

Greg Matuszak, senior program manager:
Greg’s program management experience with Bendix Corporation and Harman Motive led to a similar position at Klipsch—one which he’s held for the past seven and a half years. As with other members of the Palladium core team, Greg spent nearly two years overseeing the development of these flagship speakers. Born in South Bend, Indiana, he received his BS in mechanical engineering from Purdue University in 1987. Greg is 44 years old.

“Each time we came upon a major roadblock, we simply figured a way to get by it, as we knew—and still know—that the Palladium products will be special for years to come.”

Chris Perrins, senior acoustics engineer:
Although he’s just 30 years old, Chris had significant experience with KEF Audio UK before arriving in the United States to join the Klipsch organization two years ago. His role as an acoustic engineer for the Palladium project took him around the world, working with suppliers here and abroad. A native of Kinver, West Midlands, UK, Chris is a graduate of Salford University.

“It’s been a fun project to work on, as everything was designed in-house with a no-compromise approach and no tight constraints.”

Watch Palladium video that highlights our relentless quest to bring live-performance sound into the realm of high-end luxury audio.