INDIANAPOLIS (November 16, 2005) - As the demand for multi-room audio and video products continues to grow across the nation, Klipsch has responded by introducing a diverse line of architectural speakers to support this emerging category. In fact, Electronic House Expo (EHX) recently voted the company's R-5650-S the best in-wall speaker on the market for less than $1,000 per pair.

As part of the fourth annual Multi-Room Audio/Video Awards sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, EHX recognized the R-5650-S for its exceptional innovation, functionality and value at the EHX Fall 2005 trade show. A panel of five industry experts judged a total of 70 products before determining the best in each of the 23 award categories.

Designed specifically for use in a home theater application, the Klipsch R-5650-S is engineered to deliver great sound while remaining unobtrusive wherever it is installed. The speaker features a patent-pending horn array, which is two vertically stacked Tractrix® Horn-loaded tweeters pointing in opposite directions. The result is a flush-mount speaker that creates enveloping sound fields and localizing specific surround effects through the use of Klipsch's proprietary Wide Dispersion Surround Technology™. The careful alignment of the two controlled-directivity Tractrix Horn tweeters, angled opposite one another, yields an incredibly wide dispersion pattern.

"By taking a no-compromise approach, the R-5650-S brings dynamic and realistic performances to virtually any installed home theater configuration," said Jim Garrett, Klipsch director of product marketing. "In fact, no other company has been able to achieve such a high-performance level in this type of package."

The R-5650-S has a U.S. MSRP of $699 per pair and is available through the residential contracting channel.