FAQ: CS Series

What is KlipschCast?

KlipschCast is a proprietary wireless technology developed by Klipsch. It transmits and receives CD-quality audio to and from KlipschCast components. Currently, it is featured in our CS-700 home theater system and RoomGroove iPod® speaker. Together, the CS-700 and one or more RoomGrooves deliver the full-capability of a KlipschCast system—wirelessly sending music, TV or movie sound throughout your house. Best of all, there’s no messy wires, no holes to drill and no difficult, time-consuming set up.

Are the CS-700 satellite speakers wireless?

In order to function, these speakers must be connected to the system’s A/V center using the provided color-coded wires. However, set up is simple. You can have the entire CS-700 up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

If the CS-700 subwoofer is wireless, why do I still have to plug it in?

The subwoofer is wireless in the sense that you don’t need to hook it up to the A/V center using a subwoofer cable. All you have to do is plug in its power cord. The wireless feature allows the A/V center to transmit wireless signals to the subwoofer. With traditional subwoofers, you have to hook them up to the A/V center/receiver using a subwoofer cable as well as plug in its power cord. This creates limited placement flexibility, while a wireless subwoofer can go anywhere there is a power outlet.

What is the ideal placement for a CS-700 home theater system?

The CS-700 satellite speakers typically sound best when their tweeters are approximately at ear height for seated listeners. If possible, position the speakers the same distance apart as they are from the listening position. When they are placed in a cabinet, or on a rack or table, try to bring the speakers out so that they are at least flush with the cabinet’s front edge. When practical, arrange each speaker so that it is at somewhat different distances from the floor, the wall behind it and the wall beside it. It can also help to have the left and right front speakers at different distances from their nearest side walls. This staggering helps smooth the bass range. Each speaker can be set on its bottom or side (Note: the Klipsch logo can be turned to suit either orientation). As with most subwoofers, the output will increase as it is moved closer to walls, with maximum output when it is placed in a corner. Subwoofers deliver the smoothest bass response when placed near a wall away from openings, such as doors.

Can the CS-700 satellites be wall mounted?

Yes, but they only accept ¼ - 20 inserts, which are commonly sold at hardware stores.

Will KlipschCast interfere with my other home wireless products?

The robust 2.4GHz wireless technology found in both the CS-700 and RoomGroove “sniffs out” the entire 2.4GHz band to detect other wireless technologies in use, such as wireless routers, and then transmits around the spectrum used by those sources.

Can I use KlipschCast products with other wireless products?

KlipschCast products are designed to only work with other KlipschCast products.

Do I have to buy both the CS-700 and RoomGroove to take advantage of KlipschCast?

No, if you own just the CS-700 home theater system, the KlipschCast wireless feature allows the A/V center to transmit wireless signals to the subwoofer. However, if you own a RoomGroove without a CS-700, you need multiple RoomGrooves to take advantage of KlipschCast. In fact, you can create a multi-room music system using several RoomGrooves. A single RoomGroove by itself cannot take advantage of KlipschCast.

Can my CS-700 listen to my RoomGroove?

No, in a KlipschCast system that includes a CS-700 and one RoomGroove, the CS-700 serves as the main hub, meaning the RoomGroove can “listen” to what is being played on the CS-700, whether it’s DVDs, CDs or AM/FM radio. On the other hand, the CS-700 cannot “listen” to what is being played on the RoomGroove.

Up to what distance can KlipschCast products transmit and receive wireless signals?

These products were designed to have an average transmitting/receiving distance of 75 feet, broadcasting through walls, ceilings and floors. However, every scenario is different because every house is different. Homes that are primarily made of wood and drywall allow the KlipschCast wireless signals to travel great distances; homes featuring a lot of metal and concrete don’t always allow the wireless signals to travel as freely.

Will my CS-700’s wireless capability work inside a cabinet or entertainment center?

In most cases, the CS-700’s wireless capability will stream through cabinet doors.

If my neighbor and I both own KlipschCast products, will our systems interact?

The home code feature allows you to select a unique channel for all your KlipschCast components to keep your content private and unavailable to nearby systems. The home code default is 0 for all KlipschCast components and does not need to be changed unless other nearby KlipschCast systems interfere. All KlipchCast components (including the CS-700 subwoofer) in your multi-room system must be on the same home code to interact with one another.

If I have a multi-room music system made up of several RoomGrooves, how can I get two of them to transmit audio simultaneously?

If a RoomGroove is transmitting and a second RoomGroove is told to transmit, the second RoomGroove will bump the first RoomGroove by occupying its wireless channel. However, in systems not incorporating a CS-700, two RoomGrooves can transmit simultaneously. To enable this feature, all of the RoomGrooves must be assigned to a home code from 5 to 9. Selecting a home code from 5 to 9 will allow a second RoomGroove to occupy the wireless channel which was previously assigned to the CS-700.

The listen light on my RoomGroove is flashing, what does that mean?

The flashing light indicates that the RoomGroove is not receiving a wireless signal. At this point, you’ll need to do a little troubleshooting. If you have two RoomGrooves, make sure you pressed the “Transmit” button on the transmitting RoomGroove. If you are trying to listen to the CS-700, make sure it is turned on and that its wireless transmission setting is enabled. Also, make sure your components are all on the proper home codes. If that does not work, put the RoomGroove in the same room or near the CS-700 and try again.

Is the CS-700 always transmitting wireless signals?

Yes, the CS-700 is always transmitting wireless signals unless it is unplugged or the wireless setting is “off” in the menu.

What if I don’t want to utilize the CS-700 subwoofer’s wireless capability?

The subwoofer supports a wired connection and you can turn its wireless capability completely off if you wish.

Can I control the CS-700 wirelessly from the RoomGroove?

Yes, but with limited functionality. A RoomGroove remote cannot completely control the CS-700.
It can select CS-700 sources as well as play, pause and skip tracks on a CD/DVD and choose preset AM and FM radio stations.

Can I program my universal remote to work with the CS-700?

Universal remote manufacturers do not have our CS-700 codes; therefore your existing universal remote will not work with this system. However, the CS-700 remote is universal so you can choose to make it your primary remote to control all of your home theater devices. As a side note, most standard learning remotes are able to emulate the CS-700 remote’s functions.

The CS-700 doesn’t have an HDMI input. How do I get an HD signal through the system?

With the appropriate cables, connect your set-top box to the CS-700 A/V center using the component output on the set-top box and the sat/cable input on the A/V center. Then, you can use either the CS-700’s component output or HDMI output to connect to your TV’s component or HDMI input, using the appropriate cables.

What media does the CS-700 support?

• CD—Audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM
• AAC music files
• VCD and Super VCD

What media is incompatible with the CS-700?

The CS-700 system does not support laserdiscs, CD-I, CD-ROM discs that do not contain music or video files, and discs recorded using other broadcast standards, such as PAL or SECAM; DVD-RAM discs or pirated discs also will not work with this system.

It’s also important to note that DVDs are divided into six major geographical regions, with two additional regions reserved for specialized use. This means DVDs are encoded for specific areas of the world. For example, the U.S. has region 1. So, all of the DVD players sold in the U.S. are made to region 1 specifications. As a result, region 1 players can only play region 1 discs. So, if you are in Europe or Japan, which is region 2, and are trying to play a DVD on a region 1 version of the CS-700, it will not work. Klipsch will have different market versions of the CS-700 to accommodate the various DVD regions.

Can I play MP3 music from a flash drive through the USB port?


Does the CS-700 have a headphone out?

For private listening, you can hook a pair of headphones up to the CS-700 A/V center. The headphone jack is located on the AUX 2 input panel and positioned to the left of the USB port.

If my CS-700 is on standby, can my RoomGroove broadcast music from its AM/FM tuner?

Yes, the RoomGroove source request will “wake up” the CS-700. The CS-700 will automatically switch to the input the RoomGroove asked for, but it will turn its own volume down to 00. This way, when the CS-700 “wakes,” you won’t be startled by loud, blaring music.

Can I get longer speaker wire for my CS-700?

Inside the CS-700 box you’ll find 20 feet of speaker wire, which should be more than enough for standard applications. These speaker wires come with proprietary connectors so any other type of speaker wire will not work on the CS-700.

What if I lose my RoomGroove remote?

If you own a CS-700, the CS-700 remote can operate the RoomGroove. The only “non-intuitive” button is the input button on the CS-700 remote, which would be the listen button on the RoomGroove remote.

What if my CS-700 subwoofer is not working?

Check to make sure that the subwoofer’s power cord is plugged in. Even though the subwoofer is wireless it still requires power from an outlet. If the power is on and you don’t hear a signal, try to connect a cable to the LFE output on the CS-700 to the LFE input on the subwoofer. If the wired connection works, unplug the cable from the subwoofer and make sure the CS-700 wireless output is set to either “Subwoofer Only” or to “On.”

The included IR remote will not turn my CS-700 on or off, what is wrong?

The remote might be in the incorrect input mode. The CS-700 remote is universal, so users must make sure that it’s in the correct input mode to control the system. You must be in “Disc” or “AM/FM” to control the CS-700. If a different input is selected, the remote is attempting to control the component plugged into that input (regardless of whether or not the remote is programmed to do so). If you are still experiencing problems after correcting the input mode, try replacing the remote’s battery. Then, if that does not work, contact Klipsch tech support at 1-800-KLIPSCH or support@klipsch.com.