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Powering the World's #1 Listening Event

Klipsch is proud to participate in Classic Album Sundays, an organization dedicated to sharing the stories behind noteworthy albums and orchestrating in-depth vinyl listening sessions for fellow music enthusiasts.

To ensure the highest quality sound reproduction at these music-centered events, Klipsch is installing its Heritage Series speakers at locations around the world including the Good Room in Brooklyn, Brilliant Corners in London as well as Bestival and Camp Bestival in Dorset.

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“I’ve been a Klipsch enthusiast for over two decades.” I’ve DJ’d in venues from London to New York City to Tokyo on dance floors surrounded by multiple Klipschorns, the same speakers I have squeezed into the living room of my home and that started Classic Album Sundays. Needless to say, Klipsch is in my DNA.”

Colleen Murphy | Legendary DJ & Founder of Classic Album Sundays
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Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy

Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy a world renowned DJ, record producer, record label owner and, of course, the founder of Classic Album Sundays. With her unbridled enthusiasm for hearing music the way the artist intended, Colleen is the perfect person to lead the Classic Album Sundays initiative and partner for Klipsch.

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What is a Listening Event?

When is the last time you listened to an album all the way through? And putting it in the background while on the computer at work or doing chores around the house does not count.

The Classic Album Sundays experience eliminates the multi-tasking, allowing you to commit to the album, absorbing all of the artist's brilliant intricacies. The world-class audio equipment setup envelops you into a world where only the music and you exist.

It seems like a simple concept, yet it is truly wonderful and experience you won't soon forget.

"We went to Transformer by Lou Reed, with a great personal introduction by Colleen. The sound was amazing and hearing it again moved me to tears. Closing my eyes it felt like Lou was there in the room performing. Just wonderful to properly listen to an album. Thank you all so much."

Danny Herbert | Camp Bestival Attendee
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The Ultimate Listening Experience

Each venue for Classic Album Sundays uses different equipment; however, wherever you may go, you are certainly in-store for a special experience.

In Brooklyn, a pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers and SW-115 subwoofer are complimented by an audio menu installed by Stuarts Audio: Rega Apheta MC Cartridge, Rega P9 Turntable, McIntosh C2500 preamplifier, McIntosh MC452 power amplifier and AudioQuest Interconnects/cabling.

In practical terms, this is also one of the best available demos of Klipsch Heritage Series speakers.

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Where to Experience

More and more Classic Album Sundays are opening up across the world. Most venues host Classic Album Sundays once a month. Don't miss it!

Good Room (Brooklyn, NY)

Waldo Pizza (Kansas City, MO)

Brilliant Corners (London, UK)

Camp Bestival (Dorset, UK)

Bestival (Dorset, UK)