Flexus LP CORE 200 and SUB 100 on Modern Media Console in Rustic Western Home 2000x1000


I think we’re gonna run out of movies.

When most people think “Klipsch,” they think of passive speakers. Our Reference and Reference Premiere home theater systems are second-to-none, and our Heritage products are made for hi-fi heaven.

But if you’re looking to build up a TV-watching space in a spare room, or if you’re just starting out in your first apartment—really any place with limited square footage—this article is for you. Because we’re launching the Klipsch Flexus Sound System, a kickass sound bar series that’s powered by Onkyo and ready to rock your world.


Klipsch Flexus was designed and engineered for all-things home entertainment, now and in the future. Every system is driven by a Core soundbar and expands with the addition of peripheral products like subwoofers and surround speakers.

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Klipsch transport technology provides reliable, lightning-quick alignment between all your Flexus devices, while the Klipsch Connect Plus App gives you total control over your experience. You can explore sound modes, enhance dialogue, control volume, and more.

Download Klipsch Connect Plus for iOS here.

Download Klipsch Connect Plus for Android here.


One of the best things about Klipsch Flexus is our partnership with sister company, Onkyo. Their proven technical precision and trusted manufacturing processes mean you can rest easy knowing every Klipsch Flexus product works exactly as it should and can be relied upon for years to come.

We’re not kidding. Over 1,000 tests were performed on these products to ensure they really rock.


Great music, movies, and games never sounded so good.

Best-in-Class Bass: If you’re just starting out with a Klipsch Flexus system Core 100 or Core 200, don’t sweat those low notes. Our Cores are built with best-in-class bass function in and of themselves, no subwoofer required. The Core 100 (2.1-channel system) and Core 200 (3.1.2-channel) both come with dual 4" built-in subwoofers for tremendous bass output on their own.

But obviously we want you to amp up your system as much as your space allows. Our compact Klipsch Flexus SUB 100 packs a lot of punch per square inch thanks to careful engineering. Get dual subs for an even better bass experience, too! And tell your neighbors we’re not sorry.

Versatile Design: Klipsch Flexus was meticulously engineered down to the last millimeter with premium materials like real wood veneer and metal grilles. This thoughtful design and calculated engineering across the whole family of products means they fit any space or aesthetic.

Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or a cozy, rustic vibe, our Flexus lineup complements any style with its modern simplicity. And we love seeing pictures of your setup, so don’t forget to tag us on social with #klipsch #poweredbyonkyo #flexus

Immersive Dolby Atmos: Klipsch Flexus creates a captivating audio environment that surrounds you from every angle thanks to the entire series being designed with Dolby Atmos® in mind. But what is Dolby Atmos?

The general concept is that sounds are encoded as “objects.” Instead of sending an audio track to a specific speaker channel, sound designers can assign an audio track to a location in your room, including overhead. Klipsch Flexus products then read that information, sending sound out in such a way that it seems like you’ve got speakers everywhere the sound has to go. Dolby Atmos is a win-win for both creators and the audience. Sound designers have great flexibility with the audio, while you get to enjoy a more immersive experience at home.


The beauty about Klipsch Flexus is in the name: it’s flexible. If you’ve got a small space and don’t need too much audio amplification, a Core 100 will do the job with aplomb. Just bought a new condo and need to deck out your living room TV area? Add a Core 200, a couple SUR 100’s, and a SUB 100.

Once you get your space organized, watch some new movies and play a few games—and fall in love with your Klipsch Flexus Sound System—you can always add more to your set up.

‘Cause trust us…we’re just getting started.