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Four Reasons you NEED Klipsch T5 TRUE Earphones

Having the right soundtrack to your day is critical. Whether it be an engaging podcast, an all-star playlist, or crystal-clear calls during the workday, you need to have earphones you’ll actually want to wear all day long.

Klipsch T5 TRUE line of audio products includes the T5 Neckband, the T5M Wired Earphones, T5 Sport, and T5 TRUE WIRELESS.

All of our T5 models offer peak performance and ultimate comfort, whether you're kicking back at the pool or hanging out at the park.


TRUE Comfort

We will never compromise on quality with our earphone line, making sure to use genuine materials that stand apart from the competition. For instance, the T5 Neckband is crafted with hand-stitched, edge-treated leather that feels great on your skin. It's designed to age like a well-made pair of shoes. You won't find this attention to detail with other wireless earphones.

Meanwhile, fitness junkies will love the T5 Sport Earphones, which boast a sweat-resistant and highly durable design. It's the perfect set of earphones for athletes who can't stand their uncomfortable earbuds. And all of our in-ear monitors (including the T5M Wired Earphones) have patented contour ear tips that sit accurately inside the ear canal. The soft silicone tips reduce ear fatigue and background noise, so you can stay focused on your heart rate and the beat.

TRUE Performance

Klipsch earphones are built to handle your active lifestyle, whether you're an avid runner or weekend beachgoer. Our wireless earphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5 (apt X and aptX HD), which is virtually indistinguishable from high-resolution audio. Meanwhile, the T5 Neckband and T5M are both rated with IPX4 water resistance, so you don't need to worry about getting wet by the pool.

Today's audiophiles will appreciate our earphones' legendary acoustics, which we've perfected over 6 decades with our iconic loudspeakers. Every pair of True earphones is designed with a dynamic driver, which provides high output and full bass extension in a tiny package. They're perfect for music lovers, artists, and morning commuters.

TRUE Freedom

For total freedom, we offer wireless earphones that stay charged throughout the day and connect seamlessly with your mobile device. Jet-setting entrepreneurs will love the long-lasting battery life on our True earphones while on the road. And when you finally get back home, we've designed the Klipsch Stream mobile app to be your entertainment control center. You can connect to your favorite music apps, toggle speakers throughout your home, and much more.

With the included charging case, the True Wireless offers up to 24 additional hours of battery life on a single charge, which comes in handy on a long layover. Meanwhile, the earphones are designed with 4 integrated mics and our Clear Voice Chat technology, which optimizes voice clarity and reduces background noise while chatting. You can take an important business call in a busy airport, crowded city, or hotel lobby, without disruption.


Whether it’s your first concert, a song that gives you chills, or a movie moment moving you to tears, a unique sound experience stays with you forever.

That is TRUE YOU.

You deserve to experience the music, books, television, and movies you love on the highest-quality earphones.

We make unique, one-of-a-kind products to deliver those life-changing experiences that are TRUE YOU.

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