Klipsch live music connection when we are apart

5 Ways Music Connects Us...When We’re Apart

We all miss live music. Concerts, DJ nights, just being out with our friends, enjoying the connection music offers. It brings people together (and sometimes causes arguments, but that’s another story for another day).

Music reminds us of happier times, offering inspiration, motivation, and guidance during the toughest of times.

Despite being apart, more people are choosing music as a means of connecting at a time when we must stay far apart.

A recent study from Visual Capitalist shows 58% of people are consuming MORE MUSIC than they did prior to the global pandemic. Researchers attribute the uptick to having more “downtime,” as well as people searching for a way to both escape and connect.

The study goes on to break down the increases in music consumption by generation:

  • 71% of Gen Z
  • 62% of Millennials
  • 54% of Gen X

Statistically, more people are seeking out that connection at a time when most of us are sheltering in place.

Klipsch is going to give you some helpful hints to stay connected through music as we navigate this brave new world.

1. How Can I Share What I’m Listening To?

Remember the mixtape? Mix CD? Painstaking hours spent putting the perfect list of tracks together, in the right order of course, to convey a deep emotion or to just simply share new music.

Those artifacts were shareable by handing them off to your bestie or crush of the moment or popping them in the mail. Now, the internet is the place where you can take your dream mixes and share them via MixCloud with everyone without spending a cent on postage.

Don’t feel like mixing and just want to build a kick-ass playlist? Spotify Premium allows you to build playlists from millions of artists around the globe.

The best part? You can listen to them anywhere. The latest Bluetooth speaker technology will let you stream those mixes from your phone, laptop, or tablet while you’re cooking dinner, hanging out on your porch, or working.

The Klipsch One II or Three II tabletop stereos both provide endless connection options, including wireless Bluetooth connectivity, to play your favorite online mixes with precision and power.


2. How Can I Visit a Virtual Nightclub?

One thing we truly miss about the connection music offers is going out and dancing with our friends to our favorite tunes. Sure, it’s easier on the wallet to not have to pay for pricey drinks or a ride-share home, but not seeing friends for long periods of time can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being. We are creatures of habit and crave companionship.

Thankfully, many places are hosting virtual club nights via Facebook live events or Twitch.tv, including offering a place to leave tips for furloughed workers via the Venmo or Cash apps. Best part? These events are almost always free (tips are encouraged though).

A virtual nightclub is a chance to cut loose from any room in your home. Take it up a notch by streaming the DJs through your TV sound bar. You’ll be able to see the DJs dropping the beats and catch the mix with crystal-clear precision.


3. How are Musicians Handling the Pandemic?

Like much of the world, musicians are hurting right now. Concerts, merchandise, and music sales are their lifeblood. One phenomenon that has developed from the current state of affairs is the living room live concert.

Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie has been playing shows from his house and putting them on YouTube.

Dave Matthews has performed from his bathroom.

There is a host of musicians playing concerts...with no in-person audience other than their own family. Vulture has a pretty handy list that they are updating constantly.

#4. How Do I Watch Living Room Concerts with my Friends?

The idea of watching a concert with friends via an app primarily used to conduct business meetings seemed absolutely foreign to me three months ago.

Yet, every Friday night, I now jump on a standing Zoom meeting with my sorority sisters, who live all over the country, and we listen to living room shows from Wisconsin-based singer/songwriter Pat McCurdy via his Facebook page for donations.

I use my Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones, which allow me to talk with some of my oldest friends while being able to hear the music loud and clear. Their high-quality Bluetooth connection also lets me leave the screen to go fill my drink without missing a minute of the action.


5. What About Learning a New Skill?

Many people are using this time to amass a new skill, including learning a musical instrument. Programs like Rock Garage Music or Music to Your Home offer affordable options if you want to make music for the masses. Just remember - your relatives may not be as enthused as you are about bassoon lessons.

What are you doing to stay connected? Share in the comments!

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