Garage Sale Gems: Heresy

We’re not gonna lie. Even though the Klipsch Heresy is the most affordable of the Heritage Series of vintage speakers, it’s not for penny-pinchers.

No wonder. Each one is hand-crafted to order in Hope, Arkansas with the finest materials and thus requires a little bit more from the ol’ paycheck.

But they’re worth it.

Noted audiophile and professional reviewer Steven Guttenberg calls the Heresy III a “a rock’n’roller’s dream speaker” in a Stereophile editorial. He lavished even more praise on the Heresy in his post: “The sound in my listening room was closer to a live rock concert sound system than I’ve heard from a lot of much more expensive and bigger speakers. That’s what the Heresy IIIs do so well, and once you experience that sort of sound at home, a set of Sonos wireless speakers won’t cut it anymore.”


That being said, like any other speaker, you can find used Heresy speakers on Craigslist, eBay, the Klipsch forums, or even local garage sales.

Exhibit A: Klipsch forum member Chris Setlock came across a garage sale on Craigslist with about a dozen or so photos and spotted some nice Sansui components for $25 a pop.

Being a “die hard bargainer,” Chris headed over to the house to negotiate the price of the components. The reply was, “My husband will be down in a minute, he is bringing the speakers.”

Sure enough, said husband comes back with the first speaker in tow and wouldn’t you know what it was…

“I could barely contain myself when the owner appeared with the first speaker,” Chris said.

Chris: How much?

Owner: Eh, $20 each, they’re Klipsch.

Chris: Oh, really?

Owner: Yeah, and they’re heavy.

Chris: You don’t say…

Twenty dollars. For butt-kicking-made-in-the-USA speakers designed by the one and only Paul W. Klipsch.

Throw in $50 worth of Sanui components and Chris walked out with a complete system, and a huge grin on his face, for a mere $90. Of course, he is a bonafide “Klipschster” with 20 pairs of Klipsch speakers at home, including a pair of Heresys, even before this amazing find.

Bottom line: the cliché about garage sales is true: “You never know what you’re going to get.” Or is that a box of chocolates?

Tell us about your amazing finds in the comments below.

WARNING: Purchases of used or new Klipsch speakers or headphones at garage sales, Craigslist, eBay or any other unauthorized dealers void the warranty of the product. Warranties are non-transferrable. To learn more, go to 

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21 thoughts on “Garage Sale Gems: Heresy”

    1. I scored a pair of klipsch la scalla speakers for $150 the owner said they bought them because the thought they looked in their living room. I also bought a macintosh mc-2000
      Tube amplifer for $500 from the same guy, i used the macintosh to power my already
      acquired klipschorns. So $150 for some $2000 speakers and $500 for a $8000 tube amp
      anyway craigslist pays off.

  1. I scored a nice pair of Tannoy SRM12B studio monitors a while back…. 12″ concentric with 2″ conical horn.

    Still no Klipsch scores but I keep looking…

  2. Just picked up a pair of klipsch heresy at a garage sale for $200 ,brought them home, hooked them up and a joyful noise emerged from them! Called tech support with serial numbers and they dated them to 1981.Cabinets need refinishing, but I’m pleased as punch! 33yrs and still producing AWE!

  3. How about this? A late fifties McIntosh tube preamp,And the matching tube amp,both in working order,for 9.00 at an estate sale. My most amazing estate/garage sale items ever!

  4. I would very much like to restore the cabinets of my1981 Heresy’s to their original luster, they have the light colored grille fabric and I suspect there was a light colored stain or finish.
    If anyone knows the stain color and brand or a suitable substitute, please chime in!

    1. Greg,

      Try contacting Groomlakearea51 in the Klipsch Forums. I’m not sure he’s been on the Forums much in a while but Marshall is an expert at restoring vintage Klipsch. Somewhere there is even a document he put together that is a very good resource in decoding the various serial numbers. There are others on the Forum who are also very knowledgeable and helpful. I think he contacted the factory a few years ago to find the exact black finish on the motor (or front) board.

      Post some pictures on the Forum and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of help in identifying the original finish and the best way to restore them. And other useful information such as if the crossover capacitors may need refreshing.

      Great score!

      My Heresies were restored, more like resurrected by Marshall and pimped a bit and sound more like Heresy 3’s than the original Heresy. I think Marshall calls his rebuilt version Heresy 1 Extremes. I forget the year mine were built… very few original parts. I think the mid horn and maybe the motor board are original but not much if anything else. Yep. Pretty much a brand new cabinet. Gun stock walnut veneer. Marshall put the serial numbers inside. I need to go find my post on the forum and see if I put the original year. I forget what I have lol. But they do sound VERY good.

    2. A few years back I was at a yard sale in Pendleton OR. and while waiting for them to open for business I noticed a very early Klipsch Corner Horn with the wood horn, I told the gentleman getting prepared for the sale nice corner horn and he said you know what that is………… can have it. It was the 47th top and 52nd bottom cabinet ever make at Klipsch, hand signed and numbered inside. When I contacted Klipsch about the speaker they were able to tell me the date assembled, who shipped and to where in Wall Walla WA. Where it was delivered to and to who!!! A nice find.

  5. I scored a pair Heresy II at one garage sale and a pair of Forte II from another sale. Both in mint condition & cheap. I also inherited a pair of Chorus II from an estate.

  6. Came across an Estate Sale. On the porch turned backwards was a single K- Horn. Went back home to get our son. He asked what they wanted. $100! He told them he had a set of speakers he could sell to a friend for $100 and he would be back. Well they said how much you got on you? $40……Sold. We owned #457. Enjoyed it for many years. Sold it for $850 and help pay for the rehearsal dinner for his wedding!

  7. A few months ago, I found a pair of KLF 10’s for $49.95 at my local Goodwill store in downtown Brooklyn. I schlepped them home, around the block, one at a time, in a grocery cart. It was humiliating but, oh, so sweet! They are now my rear speakers. My Heresy’s from 1984 are still my front speakers.

  8. I have that same exact stack of Sansui equipment. Oddly enough I paid exactly $50 for mine too. Found it at Goodwill about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I paid a bit more for my H-III speakers…$40 bucks…now that’s a heck of a deal.

  9. Nice garage sale grab!
    I had a great Klipsch Heresey moment as well, My friend got me a job at a Goodwill in NJ and one day a guy drops off a set of early 70’s Heresy’s and a Pioneer SX-2500, I was drooling over them and my friend grabs the price gun and puts 9.99 for the pair and 9.99 for the Pioneer, I told him thats way too cheap, so hep made the speakers 9.99 each(we got 25% off for employees too), I loved those speakers!!!! The receiver died about a yer later, but I loved that one too and maybe I can find another one day, but I’m sure I’ll be paying quite a bit more. I know its not a garage sale story and some people might hate that I was a employee and got them so cheap, but I told my friend to price higher and he looked at me like I was crazy.

  10. I found a all original mint condition pair of Klipsch Cornwalls at a garage sale when i was 18. My dad raised me on klipsch and i knew what i was looking at. these are in showroom condition. i asked the guy what he wanted for them, he said he wanted to get rid of them because they were to heavy and loud. he said $25 bucks for the pair and they are yours. I still have them 9 years later and they will be with me until my last day lol.

  11. i recently scored a MINT pair of 1982 Belle Klipsch in red oak for $2000. Now that may not sound like a bargain price— and I have found more fantastic bargain “prices” on Heresy speakers and Klipsch KP Pro line stuff—– but simply finding a pair of Belles for sale in such fantastic condition within driving distance made the deal fantastic. Ya get what Ya pay for— and I have a beautiful, historic set of Heritage line speakers that look like they just rolled out of the factory despite being over 30 years old. THAT is a bargain!

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