Klipsch was founded in 1946 with one goal - to accurately reproduce the live music experience. As music enthusiasts, we keep an ear to the ground for talented artists on the rise that carry the same passion as we do - and they give one hell of a performance.




This classic, four-piece, touring rock band based out of Indianapolis has a fierce sound that's not to be messed with. Hero Jr.'s goal is to inspire other music lovers through live music performances - and Evan, Matthew, David and Ken deliver a show that's not only loud, but sounds really freaking good.




A good chunk of Hero Jr.’s hours in the tour van are spent listening to comedy and podcasts. Bill Burr, Marc Maron, Louis CK, Jim Florentine, Joey Coco Diaz, Joe Rogan, and George Carlin are a few favorites. The band members are fascinated and inspired by the similarities between comedy and rock music. The comics’ stories of hardcore rejection, growing ‘thick skin’, and sticking to and fighting for their beliefs while moving up the food chain resonate deeply within the band.



Hero Jr. continues to combine the tradition of Midwestern hard hitting rock music with a twist of 70s British sound, and have been described as comfortably familiar yet completely unique. Hero Jr. is in it for the long haul. "...we all know that a rock band that doesn't have a good 3-5 years of dues paying doesn't have much chance of being around for a while. It's all about the music and that speaks entirely for itself."




As a recently established band, Indiana-based bleedingkeys are building momentum fast – already garnering some amazing opportunities and a respectable fan base in a short amount of time. The majority of the band’s shows have been benefits/fundraisers. In keeping with their name, this band truly has a heart for helping others in any way possible.


As a band, bleedingkeys want to provide a medium where multiple cultures are provoked to listen to thoughts, ideas, and exciting music. These are the thoughts and dreams that keep them up at night. This music is about combining blues, folk, rock and soul in a way that sound and textures pay respect and represent each genre with great appreciation.