The Klipsch Joint

You know the feeling when you discover something completely epic and you try to explain it to someone and you just get a blank stare? Then you realize you’re the only one who knows…and it makes your discovery all that much cooler.

It’s the underground. It’s the speakeasy. It’s the club everyone wants to belong to, but doesn’t know it yet. And you have the secret handshake.

Welcome to the joint.

12 things you should know about us before you attempt to impress your friends:

          1. Don’t embarrass yourself. It’s pronounced Clip-shh. Not Clips. Not e-clipsh, not Klipish. You can do this.
          1. We are not German, although they make great stuff too. We are American, founded by an American. 1946 was the year we changed how the world listens.
          1. We were born in a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas out of our founder’s desire to bring live music into his home. Because let’s face it, dressing up for the symphony can be daunting. Especially in Arkansas.
          1. About our founder… It’s no stretch to guess his name was Klipsch. Paul Wilbur, to be exact. An eccentric genius. A true audio pioneer. An Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee. A no-bullshit artist who was proud to piss off his neighbors.
          1. You can absorb all of PWK’s madness here. Don’t get lost.
          1. When nothing on the market fit his needs, he built his own speakers. Because that’s what brilliant people do. Enter, the Klipschorn. To get techy for just a second, the fully horn-loaded design is a patented technology that established industry standards and is the driving force behind our stunningly precise and efficient sound. So successful, so unique, so fabulously vintage…we still hand-make them today in the same town where it all started. Hope. You can geek-out more here.
          1. While our history is rich, storied and frankly amazing, we continue to kick ass. Our stuff simply sounds better because PWK’s founding sound principles still guide us in everything we do today. Engineering perfection never goes out of style.
          1. Our pro speakers are in movie theaters. Lots of movie theaters. The really cool ones, anyway.
          1. Our in-ear headphones are the most comfortable in the world. Of course that’s an opinion, but it’s the correct one. We have the patented oval ear-tips to back it up, and the testimony of, well, about everyone who has tried them. They are oval because our ear canals are oval. It was our smack on the forehead moment that changed in-ear headphones forever.
          1. Countless high-profile artists love and use our stuff. That’s how good we sound.
          1. Movies, TV shows, and even video games feature our stuff without asking. That’s how good we look.
          1. Our community forum boasts some of the most brilliant and helpful audiophiles in the industry, many of whom have been posting daily for years. We listen to them. We respect them. We would not be who we are without them.

We think that’s enough to get you started. When you are ready to dive in, visit the links below. You’ll be glad you did.


Klipsch: Keepers of the Sound

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3 thoughts on “The Klipsch Joint”

  1. Did PWK piss off his neighbors?

    Not improbable if any were at all close give how loud a symphony can get.

    Now long time Klipsch engineer JH, I think I’ve heard him say the law officers would come looking for ’em

  2. I have been thinking about trying to develop the klipshsch pro media thx speakers into a indoor/outdoor portable sound station. Having enjoyed mine at home in front of my computer for a decade prompted me to purchase klipshsch towers, center channel and sub for the den of my home. Now I am embarking on a plan to utilize this setup with a sub holder encased using the satellite drivers in a contained layout. I know there were easier solutions to this idea like a single high end driver, but the sound type and quality that these pro-media speakers produce makes the effort worth it. Other than fabricating an containment enclosure I am first reaching out to your idea and development team for some advice. If this concept proves successful I think it will bring the klipshsch sound into an outdoor environment
    as well as providing crisp clear sound on a mobile level.

  3. Love your site and Klipsch speakers. Is there any way to obtain a high-rez file of the vintage klipsch line up advertisement at the top of this page? It would look great in my office/listening room. I’d be willing to make a contribution to the site or compensate someone for their trouble.


    Dave Wells

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