WF-34 Floorstanding Speaker

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  • Low distortion with wide consistent soundstage
  • Premium titanium tweeter for precise highs
  • Triple woven fiberglass woofers for amazing lows
  • Slim design complements flat-panel TVs
  • Magnetic grille no visible fasteners on baffle
  • Exotic furniture-grade wood veneer finish

The WF-34 is for those who want home theater or stereo speakers that look as good as they sound. When compared to traditional floorstanders the WF-34 is more refined taking up less space while still delivering our dynamic and detailed sound.

Dramatically reducing a speaker’s width and depth, as seen in the WF-34, poses some engineering challenges. The larger the speaker, the more output and dynamics you get. Our engineers, however, found a way to generate excellent output and dispersion from this slim speaker by employing an all-new proprietary technology called the XT Tractrix® Horn.

For over 60 years, horns have been the driving force behind Klipsch speakers. The XT engineering takes our time-proven philosophy to new heights by altering the surface geometry of the horn with four “bumps” that are shaped like flower petals. It’s a technology that creates a wider dispersion pattern and provides more latitude in placement.

While the WF-34 employs modern advancements on the inside, it reflects a classic approach on the outside, featuring a timeless wood veneer cabinet finished in espresso or cabernet. Unlike most speaker manufacturers who opt for domestic veneers (cherry, oak or maple), we selected an exotic, non-endangered Berlinia veneer from West Africa. Berlinia is a sister veneer to Zebrawood, which is often featured on luxury goods.

The WF-34 cabinet is carefully sanded, sealed and stained. Much like in high-end furniture manufacturing, the stain is then top coated with a polyurethane finish. This spray application involves 10 coats, with sanding in-between each coat to achieve the proper thickness. The cabinet is also inspected at every sanding level to ensure clarity over the stained veneer.

Frequency Response: 57Hz-20kHz +/-3dB
POWER HANDLING: 125 W @ 8 ohms
HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVERS: 1" (2.5cm) titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to a 4.5" 80 x 80 round Tractrix(r) horn
LOW FREQUENCY DRIVERS: Triple 4.5" (11.4cm) high-output, fiberglass cone woofers
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass-reflex via dual rear-firing ports
HEIGHT: 40" (101.6cm)
WIDTH: 6.5" (16.5cm)
DEPTH: 9.5" (24.13cm)
WEIGHT: 33 lbs
FINISHES: Furniture-grade wood veneer available in cabernet or espresso
Built From: 2008
BUILT UNTIL: 2011 (03/10/2010)
"Put simply, the finish of this Klipsch set is gorgeous." " ... this set is a high-quality option at a tempting price ..."

Full Review (03/05/2010)
"Klipsch?s mantra is ?Power. Detail. Emotion.? and sure enough this system offers all three in spades. Its potent, pin-sharp sound really lets you feel the excitement and drama of movie soundtracks."

Full Review (03/05/2010)
" ... the WF-34s achieve wonderfully deep bass tones and deliver raucous effects with drive and purpose. High-frequencies are clean and controlled with no brightness, and they integrate seamlessly with the centre and subwoofer."

Full Review

AudioVideo Revolution (12/18/2009)
" ... the WF-34s performed beyond my expectations and wooed me with their great sound and looks."

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Home Entertainment (07/01/2009)
"The swelling violas, oboes, trumpets and horns really sounded clear and pristine but never overwhelming ... I greatly enjoyed my time with the Icon system. The WF-34s are a powerful speaker in the mid-range category ... Absolutely check these out."

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