SW-115 Subwoofer

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Depth is understanding.

The Klipsch SW-115 subwoofer delivers bass response below 20 Hz. Whether it’s the synthesized bass of an explosion or earthquake from a film or the extremely low true bass of a pipe organ or the distinct multiple low notes coming from a bass guitar, you will sit up and take notice of any and all extremely low frequencies.

Frequency Response: 18Hz-150Hz ± 3dB
MAX ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 121dB @ 30Hz 1/8 space, 1m
AMPLIFIER POWER: 400 watts continuous @ <2% THD / Dynamic Power*: 800 watts
DRIVE COMPONENTS: 15" (38.1cm) Active non-resonant Woven Fiberglass driver
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass-reflex via front-firing slot port
INPUTS: L/R Line-level RCA jacks, L/R High-level speaker binding posts, WA port
DIMENSIONS: 19.75" (50.2cm) H x 17.5" (44.5cm) W x 26" (66cm) D
WEIGHT: 69lbs (31.3kg)
FINISH: Black pica
VOLTAGE: 100-120V / 220-240V~50/60Hz 4A (Auto-voltage switching) with 1 Watt standby
Built From: 2011
AUDIO (04/01/2012)

"Ultimate deep, hard and ultra-commanding woofer for music from rock to hip hop and film."

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Audioholics SW-115 Preview (12/05/2011)

"We were absolutely thrilled with the performance/size of their SW-311 subwoofer and have high expectations for this behemoth."

"If Klipsch's thought was to design and sell a sub that could take on the Internet Direct brands head to head, they've succeeded. While a 2 foot by 2 foot by 20" tall sub wrapped in vinyl might be a tough sell for the ladies, bassheads are going to flip for it. At $850 MSRP (and certainly destined to go on sale at some point), it is a lot of sub for a little money. Bragging a 15" driver, front firing slot port, a 400 watt amp, and a -3dB point at 18Hz, the new Klipsch SW-115 is ready to play."

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