S4i (II) In-Ear Headphones

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Bring your iTunes playlist to life with the legendary sound. 

Our award-winning drivers deliver a full range of frequencies, allowing you to experience your favorite artists like never before. And with the S4i headphones' comfortable design and durable structure, you can play your passion endlessly.of the S4i headphones. Designed for audiophiles’ favorite Apple products, the S4i comes with a three-button control and mic, allowing you to control the concert and your phone calls.

*90-day warranty on this product only.

DESIGN: Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
Frequency Response: 10Hz-19kHz
IMPEDANCE: 18 ohms
WEIGHT: 11.9 grams
SPECIAL FEATURES: Flat, tangle resistant cable
ACCESSORIES: 3 different-sized ear tips, carrying case, clothing clip
Built From: 2012
The Absolute Sound (02/01/2014)

"Light, small, sturdy, and beautifully made, the S4i has unusually high clarity, detail and nuance..."

Editor's Choice

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iPhone Life (11/01/2013)

"Klipsch offers a number of higher-end earbuds with an in-ear design, including the Image S4i (II), which is known for quality sound and excellent comfort. The S4i (II) is an udpate over the S4, with greater duability and a flat cord that resists tangling. It has an integrated remote/microphone for iOS devices. The unique oval ear tips help to provide noise isolation and make these earbuds comfortable."

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Mashable - 7 Best Earbuds (08/27/2013)

The Klipsch Image S4i II model adds some updates to the original design, like a flat cord that’s tangle resistant. But don’t worry, they still have the same impressive sound and comfortable fit.

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Men's Health (08/02/2013)

"We ask three things out of a pair of sport earbuds: They need to sound great, stay put, and not cost us a fortune. Out of all the models we tested, Klipsch’s S4i’s met those challenges the best, and delivered by far the highest-quality sound. You can get a pair for a shave under $100, and the interchangeable covers will ensure a tight fit, and allow for easy replacement should they get gunked up or worn down from repeated use."

What Runners Want: Best Running Gear For Men

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CNET (11/14/2012)

"The Klipsch Image S4i II in-ear headphones have the same impressive sound and fit as the original S4i model but they're more durable and have a tangle-resistant flat cord. There's an integrated Apple-friendly remote/microphone and they come with a nice, compact carrying case."


4 out of 5 stars

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Lifehacker (11/11/2012)

"For your money, you get a lightweight pair of earbuds that offer remarkable sound in a small, portable, and comfortable package. The flexible and interchangeable tips let you pick the best fit without sacrificing sound isolation, and the drivers in the S4s have been praised for full, deep bass and remarkable clarity in all ranges, considering their size. The S4 IIs update the design of the original, and while they do away with the angled design, they add flat cables for fewer tangles, fatter tips for a more snug fit, and bigger drivers in the earphones for better sound."

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CNET Asia (09/27/2012)

"The latest version of the Klipsch S4i in-ear headphones brings the same great sound quality of its predecessor in a sleeker package. The inline remote has been redesigned and the cables are now tangle-free and feel more durable."


4 out of 5 stars

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Reviews for S4i (II) Black In-Ear Headphones
Reviews for S4i (II) White In-Ear Headphones