RF-82 II Home Theater System

RF-82 II Home Theater System 2014

Filling any large room with pure sonic excitement is done with the greatest of ease thanks to the RF-82 II home theater system. The dynamic and detailed sound produced by this system undoubtedly exceeds the expectations of any serious listener.

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Klipsch Reference RF-82 II Speaker

Comprised of five speakers, the 5.1 Klipsch home theater system will envelop you in high-performance sound. By combining the Reference II speakers, listening experiences are transformed into unforgettable, powerful and emotional moments.

System consists of:

A Legend in Sound

Infused with the latest advancements in audio technology, this system effortlessly uncovers every subtle nuance of your content and emanates the true essence of Reference II sound. The epitome of sonic performance, it adds new life to your beloved film and music collections.

Klipsch Reference RF-82 II Speaker

RF-82 II Home Theater System