RF-52 II Home Theater System

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Unmatched sound quality and flawless design are a few of the many qualities the RF-52 II home theater system has to offer. Whether it’s an action-packed film or classical concert, this power-house system presents each word and note at its finest.

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(2) RF-52 II Floorstanding Speaker Item is Available.
(1) RC-52 II Center Speaker Item is Available.
(2) RS-42 II Surround Speaker Item is Available.
(1) R-110SW Subwoofer Item is Available.

AV HD (04/10/2012)

"Inthe end, it's really difficult not to be enthusiastic about these speakers especially in a Home Cinema configuration. Expressive and bright, with a wide range of bass, we have here a bundle of energy that you need to control with an appropriate AV receiver."


"Musically speaking, the speakers are more comfortable and punchy with rock or electro music while they can maintain a good definition with Jazz and Soul."


"The Klipsch RF-52 system is a choice that can’t be ignored when we want to buy a Home Cinema system. It is really consistent in the quality/performances/price ratio to bring the audio in an average-sized room."

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