ProMedia 4.1 Computer Speaker System

ProMedia 4.1

You have chosen a discontinued Klipsch product. For information on the latest personal music systems, please click here.

The ProMedia™ 4.1 personal audio system is a five-piece, THX®-Certified, high output set of speakers based on our ground-breaking ProMedia v.2-400 surround sound design. The new ProMedia™ 4.1 maximizes audio signals from PC and Macintosh computers; MP3, CD, Minidisc and DVD players; video game consoles; and even digital video cameras, VCRs and televisions; providing a fun, involving listening experience.

ProMedia 4.1 (# 75)




  • How do I hook up this device to my ProMedia 2.1/4.1?

    For the 4.1, you'll simply disable the center channel. For the 2.1, disable the center and surrounds. You will not hook anything up to the center/sub or surround outputs.

  • My volume skips as I turn the knob.

    The encoder on the volume control towers can be "touchy," especially if they are turned very quickly or very slowly. A steady rotation of the knob yields the best results. If you feel yours is behaving erratically because of internal damage to the tower (knob may feel excessively tight or loose in places), then please contact our returns department at 800-554-7724 for an exchange.

  • The back of the subwoofer is warm. Is this normal?

    A subwoofer will run warm when in use, by design. However, it should not be uncomfortable to leave your hand on the back panel for 5 seconds.

  • How long are the speaker wires that come with the ProMedia 4.1 system?

    Approx 19 feet (rear), 9 ½ feet (front)—22 gauge

  • I hear a pop noise when powering on/off the speakers. Is this normal?

    The sound is normal for this system. It will not hurt the speakers.

  • Can I upgrade my 2.1/4.1 to a 5.1 system?

    No, the amplifier for the 5.1 was completely redesigned to accommodate the center channel. It is not possible to upgrade.

  • The speakers are hissing.

    If the speakers do not hiss when the computer is turned off, then the hissing is coming from your soundcard. Try muting devices you are not using in the volume control panel, such as Line In, CD Audio, and Mic Input. Also try moving your soundcard to another slot of your motherboard, away from other devices. If the speakers do hiss when the computer is off, please contact technical support at for further help.

  • Are these analog or digital speakers?

    The ProMedia v2-400, 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1s have analog connections. Since the Klipsch engineering team focused purely upon audio performance to hit reasonable price targets, features and built-in digital decoding were not priorities. It is important to realize that all speaker systems are analog devices—"digital" speakers simply have a decoder built in. Most newer soundcards and DVD software programs have digital decoding capabilities built in, thus negating the need for an external decoder.

  • One of my channels is not working properly.

    When there's a channel not working properly, it could be one of four things: a loose connection to the soundcard, the volume control pod wiring, the sub channel, or the soundcard. 

    Try this test to help determine:
    Switch the green and purple plugs in the soundcard. If the problem stays with the speaker plugged into the (which ever channel is out) channel of the sub, then the problem is in the sub or control pod. If the problem moves to a different speaker, then the problem is with the soundcard (you may need to reinstall your drivers—contact soundcard manufacturer for help). If the problem is fixed, then it was a loose connection.

  • How do I hook the speakers up to my receiver/TV/gaming console/DVD player?

    The 2.1s can be hooked up directly to a headphone output jack. The 4.1s and 5.1s can be hooked up to a headphone jack with a stereo mini-plug y adapter. This set up will give you stereo sound from 4 speakers (not true surround)—the 5.1 center channel will not be utilized.

  • When I turn the wire jacks in the back of the satellites (v2-400, 2.1 or 4.1), I hear a static noise.

    Clean the metal plugs at the end of the wires with rubbing alcohol to improve the connection.

  • What soundcard do you recommend for my computer speaker system?

    Klipsch does not have an official recommendation for soundcards. If you have the 5.1 ProMedia system, you'll need a 5.1 soundcard to take full advantage of the surround sound effects. The 4.1 will need at least a 4 channel card; 2.1 a two channel card. All the ProMedia products have mini plug connections.