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The KI-215 trapezoidal array-capable (twelve built-in 3/8" 16-thread fly points) subwoofer perfectly complements Klipsch’s high power full-range loudspeaker systems. The KI-215’s enclosure dimensions and rigging configuration are identical to the KI-362 full-range professional loudspeaker system, making it an ideal match when using an external, active two-way crossover. Its highest-quality heavy-duty drive components use 104-ounce magnets and 3" voice coils as well as proprietary speaker motor assemblies to deliver high sensitivity and advanced power handling capabilities.

Ideal for clubs, theaters, auditoriums, churches, and performance halls the plywood construction tuned port enclosure applies CNC fabrication techniques for uniform tolerances and build reliability.

Frequency Response: 70Hz -1kHz(+-)4dB, -10dB 57Hz
POWER HANDLING: 800 watts (56.5V)
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms, 4 ohms minimum at 40kHz
WOOFER: Two K-45-KT 15
ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: 18mm 13-ply Baltic Birch plywood, 1
INPUT CONNECTIONS: Two NL-4 Speakon connectors wired in parallel
HEIGHT: 34.31”(87.16cm)
WIDTH: Width 19.44”(49.37cm) front, 6.81”(17.31cm) back, 22.5° Angled Box
DEPTH: 16.5”(41.91cm)
WEIGHT: 81 lbs. (36.77kg) Net/94 lbs. (42.68kg) Shipping
FINISHES: Black, White, Raw Birch
Reviews for KI-215 White
Reviews for KI-215 Black