Image S5i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Item #1012133 | Item is No Longer Available.

You have selected a discontinued Klipsch product. Visit our headphones page for information on current models.

  • Durable, tangle resistant cables
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear for hours
  • Full music and/or voice control on select Apple products
  • Large control buttons for easy use during extreme sports
  • Moisture resistant remote and headphone
  • 360° mic for hands-free, highly intelligible phone calls
  • Colors: Black w/rubber accents
  • Patent Numbers USD 611,929; US 7,681,577; USD 624,901
DESIGN: In-ear, Dual Magnet, Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 19kHz
DIMENSIONS: Drive diameter: 8.5mm: Packaging: 8.2" H x 4.5" W x 1.7" D
WEIGHT: 11.9 grams
FINISHES: Black/Rubber
FEATURES: mic+3-button remote
Built From: 2010
Los Angeles Times (06/01/2012)

" A secure and comfortable fit, great sound quality, a convenient remote and practical phone conversation capability. The angled, mushroom-shaped speaker covers, made of soft silicone, unobtrusively conform to the shape of your ear canal; they didn't come out during several hours of running and mountain biking. No ambient noise leaks in, making for great sound quality..."

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GO (Airtran's inflight magazine) (03/01/2012)

"Large controls are easy to adjust on the fly, and the hi-fi sound is worthy of the Klipsch name. Plus there’s an LED flashlight built into the case."


Editor's Pick

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Tech Radar Best Headphones for Phones (09/28/2011)

"Klipsch headphones might not be your first thought for sport options, but these buds perform much better than you'd expect, even at the higher price..."

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T3 Magazine (07/01/2011)

"Extremely hard-wearing in-ear phones, replete with hands-free phone mic and three-way remote. There's also a built in SOS LED light, should your day take a turn for the worse."

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Maximum Tech (06/01/2011)

"...Klipsch serves its target audience well with the Image S5i Rugged

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iPad & iPhone User (05/01/2011)

S5i Rugged is the perfect companion for people who are serious about hiking and other outdoor sports."


5 out of 5

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Men's Journal (01/01/2011)

"Last year Klipsch debuted the $100 Image S4i, which sang like it cost twice the price. Now come the Klipsch Image S5i Rugged, boasting the same uncannily clear drivers -- all resolved bass and rich mids -- but this time wearing armored clothes. The rubberized earbuds can take a whack or a drop, while the slightly oversize, moisture-resistant iPhone/phone controls on the cord can survive a dousing -- which means your sweaty, midworkout hands won't pose a problem at all."


Best Headphones of 2010

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