Image ONE Stereo Headphones

Item #1012313 | Item is No Longer Available.

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  • Full music and/or voice control on select Apple products
  • Adjustable leather headband for custom fit
  • Professional grade foam ear cups provide premium comfort and noise isolation
  • Ear cups fold flat for easy storage/travel
DESIGN: On-ear, Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker
Frequency Response: 16Hz - 23kHz
DIMENSIONS: Driver diameter: 40mm; Packaging: 9.9" H x 7.5" W x 2.7" D
WEIGHT: 138.3 grams
FINISHES: Black/Chrome
FEATURES: mic+3-button remote
Built From: 2010
Cult of Android (06/23/2012)

"...First, these are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever put on my head...An ultra-comfortable set with good sound, deep bass and call controls, and its small size and weight make it the absolute perfect travelling companion."


4 out of 5 stars

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Ultra Unboxing (02/26/2012)

"I doubt you can do any better than these without spending a lot more money and even then the Klipsch Image ONE would compare favorably with headphones double or triple the price. They are definitely among the best headphones for under $200."

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PC Magazine Reviews Image ONE (12/06/2011)

Pros: Powerful audio performance. Doesn’t distort on deep bass tracks, even at maximum volume. Comfortable fit. Built-in iPhone/iPod/iPad controls.

Bottom Line: The affordable Klipsch Image ONE headphones successfully combine strong audio performance with comfort for long listening sessions.

4 out of 5

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SmartPhone Essentials (12/01/2011)

"Audiophiles, and those who hate using earbuds, will appreciate these on-ear headphones from Klipsch. Comfortable, with passive noise reduction, they feature a three-button remote for taking calls and controlling music on iPhones, iPods, or iPads."


One of 2011's Top 50 Mobile Gifts

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Inc. (06/23/2011)

"...The [Image ONEs] would be ideal not only for air travel, but anytime you need headphones..."

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Digital Trends (05/23/2011)

"...The Klipsch Image One are a dazzling sounding set of headphones that we feel offer punchy, extended bass and clear, articulate treble..."

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CNET (02/16/2011)

"The bottom line: The Image One's bass outmuscles the competition and tight earcup seals hush external noise. With a closed-back design, a solid two-year warranty, and more lifelike sound details at half the price of competitive models, the affordable Klipsch Image One well deserves our CNET recommendation."

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Engadget (11/10/2010)

"...As a music-loving tech journalist I've been lucky enough to try out more headphones than one person would naturally ever encounter, and the variety on offer can be somewhat baffling. Despite all of this, there is one set of cans I keep coming back to time and time again: the Klipsch Image One..."

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iheadphones (11/01/2010)

"...Klipsch have come up with a premium grade portable headphone perfect for iPod and iPhone use, they might well just be the smallest, circumaural closed back headphones available. If you're a fan of the Klipsch in ear headphones and you are currently in the market for a pair of full-sized portable headphones, then these are perfect for you..."

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Indianapolis Star (10/17/2010)

"...The headphones deliver every piece of music in a way that is so crystal clear and balanced that it is easy to feel like you re in the


studio with the artist With these headphones I heard nuances in some of my favorite songs that I never knew existed..."

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