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for Android™

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Introducing the first-ever Klipsch headphones designed specifically for Android™. The Image S4A headphones successfully merge the functionality of your Android mobile device with the sonic fidelity of Klipsch. It’s a perfect fit, just like our included patented oval ear tips. Compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or later, you can keep the world under your thumb with push-button control for music and calls.

DESIGN: Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 19KHz
DIMENSIONS: 8.5mm diameter
Built From: 2011
Android Magazine (07/01/2012)

“These earphones have been specifically designed for Android devices, and are perfect for when you’re lounging around in the sun. The slick black and silver design looks the part, and the cord comes with a decent microphone so you can take calls. The noise-cancelling aspect is great, and though they aren’t the cheapest around, you’re certainly paying for quality.”


5 out of 5, Editor's Choice Award

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Inc. (07/01/2012)

"Music sounded rich on these earbuds. Calls came across loud and clear, but people on the other end heard some background noise. Like the other models here, the S4As have a microphone on the cable. They come with three sets of tips in different sizes and a cable remote that you can customize with an included app."

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TELL (06/15/2012)

“I found the sound to be truly noise-isolating, as the company advertises…While I would characterize the sound as powerful, I would not say that it is harsh. Music was crisp, encompassing and enjoyable...Living in a world where most gadgets are “Made for iPhone,” it is refreshing to see a product developed for the many Android phone users out there.”

Full Review (05/12/2012)

“In summary, an app that is easy to use and stunning sonic performance mean that these earphones represent great value for money…”

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TIME Style & Design (03/20/2012)

"Car it Ear-droid. The in-line volume controls, mike and free smart-phone app for these earbuds were designed specifically for Android users. And the oval ear tips remain some of the comfiest in the business."

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Area DVD (03/06/2012)

"The Klipsch Image S4A delivered brilliant performance in our tests and provides excellent acoustic performance for in-ear headphones in this price-range. Fun is clearly in the foreground with the S4A: excellent, broad dynamics, level accuracy, and a rich bass make for a lively and spirited sound. In combination with an Android smartphone, the Klipsch headphones score as a headset with very good speech intelligibility. Operation with the 1-button remote control works well, even if the S4’s remote control with 3 buttons is a bit easier and more comfortable. Those who want to be mobile and sometimes use their smartphone as a music player can safely consider these headphones, as the investment of about 100 EUR is over after the first sound from the Klipsch headphones. Even the Android version earns our Reference-rating."


Area DVD Referenz Award

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iPad & iPhone User (02/07/2012)

"The Klipsch S4is are an in-ear set of headphones that offer exceptional sound quality, if at a premium price point. You also get full iPod or iPhone controls thanks to an in-line remote control, which doubles up as a button for answering and hanging up calls on the iPhone. A cracking set of earphones."


5 out of 5

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The Times Magazine (02/06/2012)

"5 reasons why we love...Klipsch Image S4A earphones for Android

1. Klipsch turns out high-quality speakers and earphones, and it's nice to see someone not in thrall to the Apple hegemony

2. After you download the app, the earphone instantly becomes a fully functioning remote control headset.

3. One button is used to play, pause and skip tracks, answer calls and carry out a voice search.

4. Four sizes of patented ear tips come with them.

5. Noise-isolating design blocks disturbance from outside"

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Stereo Headphones (01/28/2012)

"...We can't get enough of the soft, super comfortable design, nor the effortless seal. It’s an uncommonly good arrangement, and we had no problems fitting the ear buds to our biogenetically picky outer ears...The headphones are high-quality, very well-built, and overall, sound fantastic..."

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BBC Music (01/26/2012)

"...The S4A headphones have been designed with users of Android smartphones in mind...and at £90, the price point is very reasonable..."

4 out of 5

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Android Magazine (01/26/2012)

"Designed for Android users in mind, the S4As come with a compact carrying case. In a plain black colour the earphones are comfortable and offer some superb sound. You can even download a free app to help control the earphones remotely."


5 out of 5

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Android Central (01/24/2012)

"...Let's not beat around the bush here: These are some excellent $99 earbuds..."

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Pocket-lint (12/23/2011)

"...Good performance and an app that really helps, the Klipsch Image S4a are a set of headphones that will do your Android device proud, while not sacrificing compatibility with other devices.."


4 out of 5

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Andoid Police review the Image S4A (12/21/2011)

“I love wearing the Klipsch S4A's. They are, hands down, the most comfortable in-ear headphones I have ever worn.”

“For $100, the S4A's are a difficult product to overlook in any serious search for a high-end Android headset, and are worthy of consideration even for those looking to spend a little more on their next pair of headphones.”

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CNET's Klipsch S4A review (11/29/2011)

The bottom line: Klipsch's ultracomfortable, noise-isolating ear tips are just one of the reasons I love and recommend the S4-series headphones. If you're an Android user shopping for a new pair of earbuds, the Image S4A headphones are definitely worth the $99.

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Digital Trends (11/09/2011)

"...Klipsch is not only the first but, for the time being, also the only company to provide Android users with this kind of music player and phone control in an earphone product. That fact on its own merits the S4A a good score but add to it the fact that the Image S4A actually sound really good, and you've got a winning product on your hands. We gladly recommend the Klipsch Image S4A."


8.5 out of 10

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