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Klipsch Group, Inc. is the holding company for the Klipsch®, Jamo®, Energy® and Mirage® brands and all corporately owned sales offices. Each brand, distribution company or sales office is referred to as Klipsch Group.

All product-related materials including packaging, publications, advertisements, marketing tools, video and online marketing should always include:

©2013 Klipsch Group, Inc.

The following information outlines the proper use of Klipsch® logos on marketing and promotional materials, signage, packaging, products and press releases. To maintain the strength of the Klipsch® brand and provide maximum clarity for consumers, the Klipsch® logo must be used in a consistent manner, as detailed in these guidelines. Klipsch® artwork can be used only by authorized distributors and dealers with a current, signed agreement and Klipsch-appointed suppliers.

To further ensure a more consistent approach to branding, instructions for proper tagline use, a point of contact to determine the proper use of current applicable Klipsch Group trademarks, media guidelines and information on the use of product photography are also included.


Campaign idea
The genesis of something very, very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946. When Paul W. Klipsch invented the Klipschorn, he gave rise to a technology that would impact generations of music lovers. His passion enabled theirs. This campaign brings this story to life. It isn’t a marketing ploy. This is a story from the history of America and one of its great geniuses. It is truth. Our "Keepers of the Sound" campaign will expose and balance the rational, technological side of the Klipsch story with the emotional side, in which we demonstrate how Klipsch allows people to connect with their favorite music like no other brand. We’ll demonstrate how PWK’s revolutionary sound lives on and that at Klipsch, we are here to keep the flame burning. We’re here to pass the legacy along. We are knights and humble servants of audio’s holy grail. We are Keepers of the Sound.

The voice of the brand
Our goal in our brand voice is to reflect the power, emotion and detail of the sound that Klipsch speakers generate. The Klipsch Voice is defined by Klipsch Audio principles. No noise. Nothing unnecessary. Pure and rich. Simple and powerful. No bullshit. The tone may be witty, but it should never be cute or contrived. While Klipsch speakers rock, dominate and kick ass - and the copy should this, leaning on revolutionary technologies that enable people's connection with and reaction ot their music.

Images should be true to life and dynamic. This is real story. That reality should be captured in the look. When telling the brand story, we'll use black and white, high contrast live music images. When telling a product story, color imagery should be used to show product options in a real-world setting. A hip, urban feel should be worked into the aesthetic. Klipsch has street cred. The content should feel organic. Contrast is high, but should never feel unnatural. Images should be simple, but emotional and evocative. Grain and imperfections within a photo should be appreciated, as they come with the authenticity of sponatenous emotion and engagement.

PWK imagery
The Portrait to the right should be used in all visual references to Paul W. Klipsch. This image portrays the founder in his best light - as an American audio pioneer and member of the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame and total badass.

Interstate bold and bold condensed are our fonts. While the letters are lightly distressed, the texts brings an energy to the rest of the layers in the piece. Body copy is kerned at 30 points to enhance contemporary feel. Headlines are the same. The leading is increased, but not too dramatically, to help with ease of read.

Paul W. Klipsch seal
Klipsch is a company built off of the creative engineering of its founder. His innovation, technological discipline, and no bullshit attitude lives on in every product made today. By including the PWK seal, Klipsch guarantees this: the legend in sound himself is ingrained into the workings of each Klipsch product. It is a reminder of the Klipsch heritage; who started the revolution, when it happened, and where it began.

  • The PWK seal should accompany all Klipsch layouts.
  • The seal should remain white, never inverted.
  • (Exceptions include the use of the seal in promotional products such as stickers, shirts or buttons).
  • Do not isolate the seal. The seal should always lay on additional photography. (Exceptions include the use of the seal in promotional products such as stickers, shirts or buttons).
  • The seal should never be on top of a product image.
  • The seal is intended to be 'stamped' on a one dimensional photo, whereas a product shot resting on top of a photo is representative of a multidimensional element which could not then have a stamp laying seamless on top.
  • The seal should not serve as the key focal point, do not center. Offset position of the seal to complement the layout and create balance.
  • The seal should bleed from the spread whenever appropriate.
  • Do not undersize the seal. Shrinking the seal increases the aesthetic density and loses the light-weighted nature of its curves and lines.


As a stand-alone mark, the Klipsch logo should be reprsented in its complete logo design and never typeset. The logo is not a font. It is a stylized graphic with unique lines and shapes. Use only approved EPS logo files when creating artwork, which contain the registered trademark symbol in teh correct location. This logo should be used for all consumer products, including headphones.

In print media, the Klipsch logo is accompanied by the trademarked "Keepers of the Sound" tag line in its fixed position, located beneath logo.

Marketing Materials for Klipsch Commercial products sport a logo containing the Klipsch Chevron. Used exclusively in the professional sound market, this is the only acceptable use of the Chevron in the logo mark.

All logos should be used exclusively in black or white versions. Proportions must remain fixed when resizing. The logo should be used and provided in the appropriate EPS file format. All text is outlined in a compound path.

Klipsch Logo Proportions

Download the zip file of hi-res logos in various formats >