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Add a soundtrack to your soul with the A5i Sport headphones. A lightweight, flex wire design keeps our comfort-fit oval ear tips secured, so you can keep pace and stay connected with the performance. Let your favorite artists fuel your workout with the A5i’s full range of music – from deep, thumping bass to crisp, clear highs.

Music and voice control stays in one place with a unique, 3-button remote featuring clothing clip and directional mic for hands-free phone calls on your favorite Apple devices. With the A5i headphones, you can take the legendary Klipsch sound wherever the road, trail or treadmill takes you.

STYLE: In-ear with secure sport fit
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 19kHz
IMPEDANCE: (1kHz) 17 ohms
DRIVER DESIGN: High efficiency micro speaker
MIC/REMOTE: Mic 3-button remote
WEIGHT: 19 grams
COLORS: Green or magenta with gray accents
Actionhub (11/17/2013)

"Most slip out as you being to sweat, or, if you are using classic headphones, fall down to your shoulders as you pound the pavement. Not so with the Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones. Created with runners in mind, these headphones offer both in-ear and over-ear positioning abilities. The oval ear tips, which are both sweat-resistant, come in four sizes and are made with a soft, flexible material that completely forms to your ear, make these headphones extremely snug. The earbud is attached to an over-ear loop by a flexible wire that lets you bend and shape it to your ear, keeping the headphones effortlessly in place no matter what you’re doing. Great sound as well as a long cord and remote control make them incredibly user friendly. With the addition of the carrying case, it’s hard to find a better buy."

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FitTechnica (11/09/2013)

"The fit is extremely comfortable, even for extended periods, and another advantage to the ear-hook design is that you don’t have to worry about the earphones slipping out when you work up a sweat. The A5i Sports also seem to be reassuringly impervious to water ingress, having been suitably drenched in sweat during many workouts."

"I’ve tested some very impressive earphones from Klipsch over the years, so I was fully expecting the A5i Sports to sound good, and I wasn’t disappointed. While sound quality isn’t the most important aspect when it comes to sports earphones, you still want to be able to enjoy your music while you’re running."

"The sound is rich and full, aided by the silicone tips creating a tight seal in your ear canal. Bass is deep and warm, but never overpowering, ensuring that delicate detail is still discernibly rendered. The biggest compliment I can pay to the A5i Sports is that I’d happily use them to listen to music when I’m not running."

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Running Fitness Magazine (09/12/2013)

"Used on a demanding hilly run, they stayed in place perfectly and the sound was brilliant - we won’t be taking these off for a while."

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Huffington Post (08/29/2013)

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Australian Triathlete (08/21/2013)

"I’d like to think that my running is smooth, and I just glide across the bitumen, but in reality the horizon is constantly bobbing up and down. So the wrap-around earpiece is perfect for making sure there are no stray earpieces."

"They can handle being thrown in amongst the rest of your triathlon gear without a problem."

"One last thing, like most other triathletes I live a hectic life, so phone calls are often made on the go. The Klipsch Image A5i Sport Headphones come with an inbuilt mic in the remote which clips onto your top so that you can make phone calls as you run."

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Men's Health (08/02/2013)

"Other headphones are prone to slippage when sweat builds up in the ears, or popping out in the middle of a race when you accidentally jostle the cord. The A5i’s unique over-ear flex-wire framework helps keep the headphones secure in every situation, and they come with a three-button remote to make pausing and controlling volume a breeze."

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Esquire (08/01/2013)

"Sweat and tangle resistant. these lightweight headphones are built to take punishment. Includes remote, three-button mic and snug-fit oval ear tips. Plus, the sound quality is superb."

Reviews for A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones - Green
Reviews for A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones - Magenta