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The Klipsch KPT-8-VB is a high output ultra wide coverage cinema surround channel speaker system that brings a new level of seamless ambience and envelopment to the sound image in medium to large-sized auditoriums.

  • Virtual Boundary Array Technology (VBAT)
  • Dual skewed horn design provides coverage in excess of 140 degrees in the horizontal; reduces required speakers by 50%
  • 8-inch woofer for deep bass and high power handling
  • Threaded inserts to accommodate industry standard fittings

Continuing to advance Klipsch's technological leadership position, this patented Virtual Boundary Array Technology (VBAT) loudspeaker reduces the required number of surround speakers typically used in today's conventional surround channel array by 50%.

This exciting new technology uses a pair of our patented skewed horns in a side by side configuration that provides coverage in excess of 140 degrees in the horizontal. The result is consistent coverage over a much wider area than was previously possible with a single horn. These new horns also have a tighter 60-degree vertical pattern for greater distance throw—better suited to today's wider auditoriums.

The large voice coil 8-inch woofer and pair of 1-inch titanium diaphragm compression drivers give the KPT-8-VB very high power handling. When combined with 98dB sensitivity the result is truly effortless reproduction of the tremendous dynamic range present in today's digital sound tracks.

The system's durable enclosure features an angled 15-degree down-firing front baffle and rear panel equipped with threaded inserts to accommodate industry-standard brackets. This facilitates quick simple and secure installation.The top mounted two point barrier strip provides easy access for hookup after installation.

The KPT-8-VB incorporates the standard SMPTE/ISO 2696 X-curve into its response and is capable of a solid 50Hz in-room response further enhancing the realism in the digitally mastered effects channels.

An array of KPT-8-VB's have an uncanny ability to localize and track directional effects and provide seamless envelopment setting a new standard for the suspension of disbelief in the movie going experience.



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