Klipsch Debut Carbon Walnut Turntable


A one of a kind hi-fi system, the Klipsch + Pro-Ject Debut Carbon walnut turntable is the perfect centerpiece for a classic audio setup. Klipsch partnered with Pro-Ject to create a premium vinyl listening experience with a walnut veneer to match our Heritage series speakers - complete with a signature Paul W. Klipsch logo cork slipmat.

It's our heritage - with a revolution.


  • Klipsch heritage walnut veneer
  • Preinstalled Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
  • 8.6” carbon tonearm
  • Klipsch PWK logo cork slipmat
  • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
  • TPE motor suspension
  • Transparent hinged dust cover
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Built with an 8.6" carbon tube tonearm to increase stiffness while decreasing unwanted resonance.

The DC power supply with an ultra-precision frequency DC-driven AC generator gives you ultimate speed stability.

Klipsch Debut Carbon Walnut Turntable Needle

70 years of heritage

The classic walnut veneer was designed to match our Heritage series speakers for a timeless look.

Some think vinyl is back in style - we never thought it wasn't.

Klipsch Debut Carbon Walnut Turntable Closed


The Klipsch Carbon Debut walnut turntable includes a transparent hinged dust cover to keep your record player in pristine condition.

Img 9589 Edited Slipmat

Vintage Slipmat

This vintage-inspired hi-fi turntable comes complete with and eye-catching premium cork slipmat stamped with the original logo our founder Paul W. Klipsch designed himself in 1946.