Amazon Echo Multi-Room Smart Speaker System

Maybe you've been putting off that smart home, multi-room speaker system install because of time or money. The Klipsch Amazon Echo Multi-Room Smart Speaker System can be delivered to your doorstep and installed easily. Featuring a pair of legendary Klipsch RIC-65 in-ceiling speakers and a KVA 40 Amazon Echo Input Amp, you get legendary audio throughout your home with voice control.

Simply install the RIC-65 and KVA-40 in the room of your choice, insert the Amazon Echo Input, and prepare for crystal-clear conversation and audio from Alexa anywhere in your home.


  • Package includes (1) Klipsch KVA-40 In-Wall Amplifier for the Amazon Echo Input and (2) RIC-65 In-Ceiling Speakers
  • KVA-40 In-Wall Amplifier features a built-in, 2-channel amp that can power up to four speakers
  • RIC-65 In-Ceiling Speakers feature a 6.5" polypropylene woofer, 1" polymer dome tweeter, and a flat, paintable, magnetic grille to fit into any decor
  • Low voltage power for easy installation – no electrician needed
  • New construction or retrofit compatible
KVA in a kitchen


An all-new way to talk to Alexa anywhere in your home is here. The Klipsch Amazon Echo Multi-Room Smart Speaker System features the easy-to-install KVA-40 Amazon Echo Input Amp and a pair of high-performance RIC-65 In-Ceiling Speakers. Featuring Klipsch proprietary, cutting-edge technology, this easy-to-install combination will bring legendary sound to any room in your home just by the sound of your voice.

KVA 40 in a room


Installing a multi-room, smart home speaker system has never been easier. The Klipsch KVA-40 Amazon Echo Input amp and RIC-65 In-ceiling speakers can be easily integrated into any room in your home.

KVA 40 on a wall


The Amazon Multi-Room, Smart Home Speaker system is a D-I-Y dream come true. Designed for both retrofit or new construction, the system is designed for rooms of any size.