Palladium  Milestone 2000x1125



We're offering our customers an exclusive discount on our most premium speaker line - Palladium is the ultimate home theater hi-fi listening experience. 

P-312W Subwoofer

A breathtaking force, our sophisticated P-312W subwoofer sets new standards for rich detailed bass performance from a unique beautiful design.

P-312W Natural angled

Palladium® Surround Sound Speakers

Taking the “live” music concept into a new realm, this high-end surround sound speaker utilizes new materials, transducer advances, proprietary technologies as well as exotic styling to create a luxurious balance of performance and lifestyle.

P-27S Natural angled

Palladium® Floorstanding Speakers

A performer unlike any other, the flagship Palladium floorstanding speaker is the ultimate expression of Klipsch —approaching aural perfection, while making a visual statement that is every bit as elegant and passionate as the sound.

P-39F Natural front
P-39F Natural angled
P-38F Natural angled
P-37F Natural angled

Palladium® Bookshelf speakers

Offering the highest level of perfection in every respect, the Palladium Series are the best bookshelf speakers with modern-day horn-loaded technology and craftsmanship.

P-17B Espresso angled

Palladium® Center Speakers

Conceptualized as the ultimate global expression of Klipsch, this carefully planned and executed center channel speaker required design and engineering teams from around the world

P-27C Merlot angled