INDIANAPOLIS (June 2003) - Klipsch has introduced the GMX A-2.1, a stylized new multimedia speaker system designed to deliver high-quality sound from PCs and laptops, Apple products including iPods, game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and GameCube, DVD and MP3 players, and virtually any analog audio device with RCA or miniplug output jack connections.

The analog GMX A-2.1 incorporates the same leading industrial design and high-performance audio componentry as Klipsch's award-winning digital GMX D-5.1 surround system, which is fast becoming the must-have upgrade for hard-core console gamers. The new GMX A-2.1, however, is designed for consumers who want superior sound quality, but do not require or do not have the space for surround speakers or a center channel.

By combining high-performance audio, visual appeal, and simplified functionality and connectivity, the A-2.1 is an ideal audio solution for most of today's multimedia entertainment devices.

"Most of the electronic entertainment market is still two-channel and may continue to be for quite some time," said Mark Casavant, vice president of multimedia for Klipsch. "We believe consumers will choose the GMX A-2.1 for its great sound, fresh styling and ease of use. And at a price of $150, we expect the GMX A-2.1 to be a popular gadget gift this Holiday season."

According to Casavant, the GMX A-2.1 is not a replacement for the ProMedia 2.1, which Klipsch introduced in October of 2000. He said that the two systems are different enough in price, performance and styling that they will appeal to two different types of consumers.

The four-piece Klipsch GMX A-2.1 consists of two-identical, magnetically shielded satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and a control pod. Each satellite is a highly efficient two-way design with a 3-inch woofer, Klipsch's exclusive MicroTractrix® horn, and ball joint pedestal mount that allows an unprecedented range of motion in almost any direction with just a twist of the hand. The subwoofer contains a 75-watt amplifier, which powers the entire system delivering a substantial 108 dB maximum SPL. The controller provides two stereo inputs, one with RCA jack connections and the other with a 1/8" minijack. The controller also has a minijack headphone output, power button, and a master volume control.

On the back of the GMX A-2.1's subwoofer is an exclusive Klipsch SWS™ Link socket, enabling easy connection of one or more ProMedia SWS™ supplementary powered subwoofers to further extend and fortify low-frequency reproduction. The SWS™ Link fully integrates additional subwoofers with the rest of the system, allowing master volume and bass level adjustment entirely from the GMX A-2.1 controller.

Klipsch is also offering accessories for the system, including matching telescoping floor stands for the satellites.

The Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 is reasonably priced at $149.99. It is available for purchase from the Klipsch web store (, with Alienware brand high performance gaming systems, and from electronics retailers nationwide.