INDIANAPOLIS (July 6, 2007) — Much like the Grateful Dead generated a tightly-knit community of “Deadheads” through its concert experiences, the Klipsch speaker company has inspired its own set of dedicated cult-status followers by way of an online forum, consisting of over 25,000 active members.

For the past six years, Klipsch has honored its passionate fans by hosting an annual summer Pilgrimage. An event that allows them to meet Klipsch staff and fellow forum members, tour the company’s facility, listen and comment on product demonstrations, win high-performance audio products, as well as enjoy a commemorative meal.

This year’s gathering, which took place at the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind. on June 23, brought in 80 forum members from all over the country, including one from Canada. In fact, half were return attendees from the previous year.

Forum member Mike Hurd, 29, of Nipigon, Ontario drove 998 miles to participate in the one-day event. “The trip was absolutely worth it,” he said. “Meeting the forum fanatics face-to-face was priceless, as well as listening to wonderful new product.”

According to Hurd, he first heard Klipsch when he was 16 years old and it turned him into a fan for life. “Listening to those Klipschorns burned an image in my mind, one of utter disbelief of how good they sounded,” he commented. “As far as I am concerned, Klipsch makes performance their number one priority, regardless of product category. Their speakers consistently deliver top-notch performance for less than their closest competitors.”

A visit to the forum will further demonstrate the devotion these folks hold for the Klipsch brand. Christy Luquet, screen name D’tel’s wife, of Picayune, Miss. made this post after attending this year’s Pilgrimage, “Klipsch as always … is one of the best companies in America to do business with.”
Additionally, Chad Miller, screen name Mace, of West Lafayette, Ind. posted, “Wow. What a great day! Many thanks to the Klipsch team … Great facility, great people, great products. First class all the way around …”

“These online ambassadors, many of which have earned ‘industry expert’ reputations, are essentially trusted ‘human yellow pages’ for us,” said Mike Klipsch, president of Klipsch. “It’s because we understand their value and appreciate their devotion that we host our annual Pilgrimage.”

Mr. Klipsch also said that Klipsch is one of the few manufacturers in the consumer electronics industry to offer such a broad, unregulated forum for consumers to share information, troubleshoot, and, in some cases, blow off a little steam.

“We don’t edit anything on the forum,” said Klipsch. “We leave it all there—good and bad. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from this free-expression experiment. And it’s resulted in a Klipsch community with an incredibly high level of genuine customer intimacy and positive interaction. And to give you an idea of how this forum has grown, we had a little over 5,000 members in 2001, today we have over 25,000!”