Mid-20th Century Networking

Paul was given a computer when he was in his 90’s. He made a couple of feeble attempts, but never did “take to it”. The new world of instant access and networking was just too late for him. However, this man was solidly networked with the pillars of his industry the old-fashioned way – snail-mail. Somehow I believe it may have been a blessing for all concerned. Letters were composed with much more care and thought. And they left us a physical trail inherently resistant to glitches and hackers. Exchanges from Hope, AR to the East and West coasts regularly turned around on a 48 hour schedule (OK, Australia took a week).

Paul’s correspondence files are enormous - just the remaining letters to consumers would stack 20 feet deep. The historically important exchanges are those with his peers and mentors. The names cover the world of the fledgling audio industry - from Edwin Armstrong (inventor of FM), to Arthur Fiedler (conductor of the Boston Pops for 49 years). Most were on a first-name basis.

Armstrong, Edwin
Beranek, Leo
Berlant, Emmanuel (Bert)
Eargle, John
Fiedler, Arthur
Fisher, Avery
Gernsback, Hugo
Gow, Gordon (McIntosh)
Heyser, Richard (Dick)
Marantz, Saul
McIntosh, Frank
Olson, Harry
Scott, Herman Hosmer (HH)
Sleeper, Milton
Small, Richard
Snow, William
Stephens, Robert (Bob)
Thomas, William (Lansing)
Voigt, Paul
Walsh, Lincoln
Wente, E. C


If you do not recognize these names, a visit to Wikipedia may be in order.