KMC Series

KMC Series

Portable. Wireless. Awesome.

Klipsch speakers have always possessed a unique ability, with their unparalleled efficiency, low distortion and wide dynamic range, to reproduce sound that recreates the emotions experienced while listening to live music.

Now, the strong partnership between Klipsch and Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company, has inspired a line of dynamic, wireless music systems named after The Klipsch Music Center.

Klipsch Stadium™ - You Deserve Better Sound.

A tabletop 2.1 system which ensures the convenience of portable music storage is accompanied only by high-performance audio. Showcasing a brushed-aluminum finish, the high-design product harmonizes with any size and style living arrangement.

Simple. Elegant. Amazing.

Even with all its high-tech attributes, setup and operation of the Klipsch Stadium music system is designed to be fast and easy. Download the free Klipsch Air App on your iDevice for a tutorial of network setup, manual EQ adjustment, custom naming of multiple systems on an Airplay network, and even a “jukebox” feature that allows multiple iDevices to stream music in a group listening setting.

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KMC 3 - Take the concert with you. Wirelessly.

A portable wireless music system with built-in subwoofer and Bluetooth® wireless technology delivering 130 watts of digital system power.

KMC 3 can be found at your local Best Buy and other online and local dealers.

KMC 1 - A Rainbow of Badassery

A smaller version of the KMC 3 with long-life rechargable Lithium-Ion battery power delivering 40 watts of peak system power. Available in an array of colors, it truly is a Rainbow of Badassery.

GiG - Greetings From Everywhere

The ultimate portable music system small enough to fit into a briefcase, a backpack, or even the palm of your hand with a built-in, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery providing an industry-best 12 hours play time.