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The Keepers of the Sound Series showcases pioneering artists who are authentic, uncompromising on quality, and always remain true to their core values. They work to create powerful, emotional experiences for their fans, and Klipsch strives to recreate the same experiences through our speakers and headphones.

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In the first installment of The Keepers of the Sound Series, meet legendary American singer, songwriter and record producer, Butch Walker. Butch began his incredible musical career in the early 1980s and has since collaborated with some of today's biggest music stars including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Pink, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Panic! at the Disco and more. With a deeply-rooted desire to find the best sound possible and a style of his own, Butch Walker has become one of the greatest musical influencers you might not know.

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“I’m constantly trying to figure out how to get the best sound. It’s a self satisfying goal as a producer…”

Butch Walker grew up when audio was primarily analog-driven and he prefers to make music and create his sound by hand. His relentless attention to detail in his recording process captures a rich, full spectrum of audio, which in turn, offers a better listening experience. This spirit embodies the principles that Klipsch stands for.

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You may have heard of him, and you've definitely heard his work, but now find out about the real Butch Walker and his band the Black Widows as you're taken on a personal journey inside one of the greatest minds in contemporary music.

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Butch Walker Klipsch Book


In his riveting memoir, Drinking with Strangers, Walker tells the fascinating story of his life and remarkable career, taking readers on a breakneck ride from his Georgia roots to the Hollywood music scene, and giving us a close up insider’s view of life behind closed recording studio doors.

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In August 2013, Butch Walker's father, Willard "Big Butch" Walker was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer surrounded by loved ones just 24 hours before his passing. His son, Butch Walker, founded The Autumn Leaves Project with the belief that no one should ever face this diagnosis alone.