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The Road to CES 2019: Vegas Baby

Some companies live for the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season and then take a bit of a break once the new year begins.

We’re not like that.

The Klipsch team are just as pumped for the first full week of January when our team will sojourn to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Many consider CES to be the “Super Bowl” of trade shows for consumer electronics in the United States, including the Klipsch team. “The best part of CES is the energy and innovation,” Vice President of Marketing Rob Standley says. “For tech junkies and industry veterans alike, there’s always excitement about witnessing new ideas, the latest tech productized in unexpected ways and the design prowess that’s on display with not only the products but the booths themselves.”

Billed as the “place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies,” close to 200,000 people will attend this three-day gathering.

A “True” Winning Hand

In 2018, Klipsch paid homage to its bedrock products, the Heritage speaker line, as well as launching two completely new passive speaker ranges. This year, when people stop by and see us, it will be evident that it’s easy to enjoy legendary Klipsch sound virtually anywhere and on your own terms.

This year, Klipsch is putting the focus on a full complement of audio solutions to support how people live their lives with entertainment as the centerpiece. “In support of the launch of these new solutions, we will also launch a new marketing campaign called ‘True You’,” explains Standley. “This campaign focuses on you (the listener) and highlights solutions that are personalized and often built for a specific application.” Standley uses the examples of being able to enjoy your favorite music wirelessly for hours with extremely comfortable headphones or having a soundbar that’s not only easy to add to any TV but fits into your home decor with ease.

Raising the Stakes

Prepare to have your mind blown when you stop by Booth #13529. Klipsch will introduce a whole host of new wireless headphone products that all share our exceptionally comfortable patented oval ear tips while differentiating on form factors with varying size, weight, battery life, and materials.

“Our Heritage Inspired category will expand with an increased selection of portable and room speakers offering additional sizes and price points to enable you to take great Klipsch sound out and about with ease,” Standley says. “Finally, we will demonstrate several new solutions that will provide monumental upgrades from your TV’s standalone sound, courtesy of several new soundbars and a new, wireless powered speaker solution featuring WiSA technology.”

Always Bet on Black...and Copper

“There’s lots of talk about the ‘death of audio’ as a medium at CES – this is decidedly untrue,” says Klipsch Product Manager Mike Buratto. “Jaw-dropping Hi-Fi is still an important part of the show, but the way it is consumed through wireless, AI, and smart-home has become the focus, even more than the speakers themselves. We are excited to be a market leader, not just in great sound, but in exciting new tech.”

“We are very excited to continue to create opportunities for new customers to experience our brand as well as creating expanded solutions for our existing ones to listen to Klipsch virtually anywhere they want to be entertained,” Standley says.

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