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Troubleshooting the T5 True Wireless Earphones

By now, you’ve surely heard about how awesome the new Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones are. We want to make sure you have all the answers you need about these ultra-comfortable wireless, in-ear headphones.

It may seem like a simple thing, but let’s start with the basics:

How do I turn my Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones On and Off?

Just hold down the button where the Klipsch logo is located for three seconds. Note: this option only works if you are not playing audio and or not on a phone call.

The earphones can also be powered on by removing them from the charging case and will be powered off again when inserting them back into the case. After a few hours of your T5 True Wireless in-ear headphones resting in the case, they will go into hibernation mode. This is to significantly prolong the life of the battery while not in use. The caveat of hibernation mode is that the earphones will take a few seconds longer to turn on when pulled out of the case.

How Do I Pair my Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones via Bluetooth?

Obviously, pairing your Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones to your Bluetooth is key once they are turned on. This can be achieved by holding the Klipsch logo on both earphones for three seconds. You can also put the T5 True Wireless earphones into pairing mode by pressing on the right earphone while they are inside the case. The earphones will show a blue pulsing light, showing they are ready to pair with your Bluetooth device. Once your T5 True Wireless earphones are paired, the blue light will stop pulsing.

What Does “Master” and “Secondary” Mean?

What makes the Klipsch T5 True Wireless headphones so unique is that, unlike other earbuds on the market, either the left or right earphone can be the master or secondary. Whichever earphone you take out of the case first will be the master. If you take the master out of your ear and put it back in the case, there will be a brief pause and audio will resume through the secondary earphone with a single button press.

Do my T5 True Wireless earphones offer “mono” mode?

If one side goes out of range or one earphone is back in the case, the earphones will go into “mono” mode. You can still take phone calls, activate voice assistance, or listen to music.

How do I do a factory reset on my T5 True Wireless earphones?

  • Long press both earphones for 8 seconds while out of the case.

  • Once done successfully, both earphones will blink RED-BLUE-RED-BLUE-RED for 5 seconds.

  • Remove them from your pairing history on your device.

  • Place the earphones back in the case.

  • Press one of the earphones 3 times to initiate pairing while still in the case - the earphone will begin to pulse blue.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings of your device and pair to the earphone.

  • A dialog prompt will pop up within several seconds to also pair the second earphone.

Why Is My Audio Dropping Out Between the Right and Left?

If your Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones are dropping out, simply follow these steps:

  • Re-establish the True Wireless pairing between “L” and “R” by:
  • Placing both “L” and “R” into the case
  • Press “R” 5 times while in the case
  • It will begin to pulse red
  • Press “L” 5 times while in the case
  • It will begin to pulse red
  • Both “L” and “R” will glow purple to indicate they are linked to each other

    Please Note: Doing this also factory resets the T5 True Wireless, please remove them from your device’s pairing history and re-pair them to your device.

Why Does My T5 True Wireless Connection Seem Unstable?

Make sure your phone is closest to the primary earphone. To find out which earphone is primary:

  • Check your Bluetooth pairing history and look at which of the two is showing “Connected.”
  • To connect the other earphone as the primary, place them back in the case and take out the desired earphone first--several seconds before taking out the other.
  • In very open environments with no reflections (walls/buildings/ceilings), the wireless connection is very sensitive to dropping out. Combine this with a congested interference environment and all Bluetooth devices can struggle, especially during phone calls.

My Microphone is Picking Up Environmental Noise - What’s the Deal?

Ensure the earphones are in your ear the correct way. When placed in your ear, the logo should be upright and the bulky portion should be facing toward the back of your ears.

How Do I Mute Myself While on a Call?

Press the Klipsch logo button one time to mute yourself. While on mute, you’ll hear a tone every five seconds. Nothing is wrong. This is simply a reminder that you are on mute.

To transfer your call back to the last Bluetooth device you used, just press the Klipsch logo once on the right earpiece.

How Do I Replace my T5 Eartip if it breaks?

While we’d love to think our Klipsch earphones are perfect, we also understand that life happens. Perhaps your dog snags your T5 Sport earphones. Perhaps you accidentally drop a T5 True Wireless ear tip while trying to find the best fit for your ears from our ultra-comfortable selection.

In any case, ear tips disappear. Ear tips break. It happens.

So, instead of fretting, we’ve made it easy to get replacement Klipsch ear tips in the event they break or fall down your drain:

All T5 earphones have a two-year warranty, meaning the ear tips are covered. Simply contact Klipsch Customer Service.

Got more questions?

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