Klipsch wood book and cell phone

Made in America: WOODCHUCK

Nothing says craftsmanship like the smell of fresh cut wood. And nothing says America like applying that wood to everyday items like your cell phone case, laptop or even a whiskey flask.

As part of our Made in America series, Klipsch is saluting innovative craftsmen that provide quality products built in the USA. WOODCHUCK is doing exactly that through its handcrafted products, manufactured in Minneapolis, MN. From walnut iPhone cases to mahogany journals and cedar cufflinks, the wonderful people at WOODCHUCK have been producing fine wood goods to accommodate your everyday style since 2011.

Made in America - WOODCHUCK Flask - The Klipsch Joint Your whiskey was aged in wood - your flask can now follow suit.

“I grew up in a Midwestern farm town. We valued things made with high quality, hard work and determination. Growing up there, I also saw the impacts of outsourced jobs in my local community. I feel like one of the reasons I was placed on this earth was to change that. We're about bringing jobs back to America and re-building our economy,” said Ben VandenWymelenberg – Founder and CEO of WOODCHUCK.

Much like our Founder, Paul W. Klipsch, Ben has been a craftsman as early as he can remember. “I've been a craftsman my entire life - always making things, breaking things, fixing things and pushing the boundaries of what I can build with natural materials.” Sounds a lot like Klipsch and why our partnership is such a great fit.

Klipsch began in a small tin shed in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas with the motivation to bring the live music experience into homes through better sounding loudspeakers. We continue to deliver products Designed & Assembled in the USA and WOODCHUCK understands what that means.

“We manufacture here to make the best damn quality product on the market. When we're working with other USA brands, price is usually the last and least important piece. We're concerned about quality, authenticity and service,” said VandenWymelenberg

What quality products do you enjoy that are made in America? Have an idea of what you’d like WOODCHUCK to wrap in wood? If you need some inspiration, check out the video below of a custom project the team at WOODCHUCK did. Let us know your suggestions.

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