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Klipsch S4i vs. R6i Headphones

Klipsch, like many other headphone enthusiasts, loved the S4i headphones. And as difficult as it was to replace our best selling in-ear headphones with the Reference R6i, Klipsch made some serious improvements to ease the pain. Here’s how we took the S4i to the next level and built the R6i headphones.

1. Better Drivers = Better Sound

To make the R6i in-ear headphones sound even better than the S4i, Klipsch ventured to design 6.5mm dual magnet, dynamic moving coil micro speakers from nearly the ground-up with the intent to improve bass and overall clarity. The tighter dimensions brought tighter bass, and the smaller diaphragm (decreased 23.5% from S4i 8.5mm diameter) allows the speaker to move faster and respond with more precision to higher frequencies.

These drivers not only sound better than their S4i kin, but are smaller and make them even more comfortable for the in-ear headphone user. Here’s how…

2. New Ergonomic Fit

R6i v S4i Headphone Comparison - The Klipsch Joint R6i (black) is narrower and aligns better with ear canal compared to the Klipsch S4i (blue).

The smaller diameter of the micro drivers allowed Klipsch designers to streamline the entire R6i headphone body. In fact, we made the body oval, not only to match the Klipsch patented oval ear tips but to allow the headphone to fit better into your oval-shaped ear canals.

Klipsch further adjusted the angle of the ear tip and nozzle on the R6i in-ear headphones to follow the path of your ear canal – making them more comfortable while providing a better seal for sound and bass response.

3. Compact Remote and Microphone

If there was any negative feedback about the S4i headphones, it was in regard to the size of the remote. So, Klipsch gave the people what they wanted.

Compared to the Klipsch S4i headphones, the R6i has a three-button remote/microphone that is nearly two-thirds the size of its predecessor. This sleek, compact remote means less weight pulling down on the ear buds.

Additionally, the closer placement of the remote to your mouth improves clarity and reduces noise to the person on the other end of the call.

4. Upgraded Materials

Klipsch constructed R6i headphones from aluminum and elastomer for a lightweight, durable yet comfortable design. The soft elastomer allows you to wrap your headphones around your iPod or cellphone without worry about scratching the screen. (Klipsch engineers think of everything.)

Though many were sad to see Klipsch S4i headphones go, it’s safe to say the newer Reference R6i in-ear headphones are an improved replacement and deliver the Klipsch Reference sonic signature our customers have come to love. (Men’s Journal seems to think so too.)

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