Monday Showcase Winner

Klipsch Owner Stories - Danny Weller, #MondayShowCase Winner

1.Are you a music lover or a home theater system aficionado?

- The way I see things is that you first become a music lover. That’s how it started for me. What was once a hobby of mine turned into a bona fide passion. I wanted to know how each system functioned and the differences between each manufacturer. I spent a lot of my free time reading blogs, following home theater forums, and eventually attending Klipsch training sessions to learn more. Many times I’ve gone to the movie theater to study the sound, the acoustics—ultimately teaching my ears what made quality sound. That’s when I became a home theater aficionado. I was equally energized by the quality of the picture. Great picture and great sound immersed me into a whole new dimension.

2.Tell us about your first experience hearing Klipsch speakers and/or where did you first hear about Klipsch?

- I was first introduced to Klipsch speakers when I started working as a home theater installer. I’ve installed a lot of home theater systems and I was most impressed by the Klipsch sound. The subwoofer really impressed me with its low-frequency response with minimal distortion and the speakers gave such a smooth high-end response and some seriously powerful dynamics. As a home theater installer customers are almost always looking for recommendations. I tell them Klipsch is a phenomenal product and I’ve installed them in my own home and demo room at the office.

3.How did you build out your Klipsch home theater system? What do you like most about it?

- My first purchase was the receiver. I needed good power with flexibility for EQ adjustments and Yamaha had the answers. Once I found the perfect receiver for my needs, I started researching subwoofers—which is a must have for home theater aficionados. I knew in my future plans I was going to install the Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Series. Next was my hunt for that perfect subwoofer. As I continued to look into Klipsch products, I came across the R-115SW subwoofer—it was a match made in heaven! It all started coming together and it was time to go ahead and make the purchase for my Dolby Atmos set-up. Once I set everything up and calibrated it to my needs, I felt like my system wasn’t complete. I realized I wanted to purchase another subwoofer. Not necessarily for more bass, but more head-room. The other bonus with having the two subwoofers is that they help each other out with neither of them having to work so hard. That’s how it all started. It’s hard to choose what I like most about it. It’s exactly what my ear drums have been wanting to hear. When a customer requests a consultation, Klipsch always comes into the conversation—it just makes sense as it’s my prized possession.

4.Is there a spouse or roommate in the picture? What do they think?

- At first my spouse didn’t fully understand what all the fuss was about with this manufacturer vs. another manufacturer, calibrating and recalibrating the system, ad nauseam. For her it was all about a great picture with good sound. Over time she started to recognize the subtle differences in sound quality and why I was also making little adjustments—even while watching a movie. When I mentioned to her that I wanted to add on and make some upgrades to the system she was fully on board. Now she appreciates the sound just as much as the picture.

5.When a guest enjoys your Klipsch set-up, how do you want them to feel?

- I get excited when I get to show off my Klipsch set-up! I sit my guests in the prime location and transform them into another dimension. I want them to hear and feel the power of Klipsch. They are beyond impressed with what they hear. The most common response is, “How can I get my hands on a set-up like this?”

6.What do you suspect the neighbors think?

- Ha! That’s a good question. Thankfully the house to the left of mine is currently on the market so it’s vacant. Who knows what the folks on the right think. I’m not afraid to crank up the music or create a full cinematic experience. And we’ve never received a complaint. It must be the great insulation.

7.Saturday rolls around and it's just you and your Klipsch home theater system. What do you do? or what do you play?

- Play music. It’s all about the music. I’ll mess around with recalibrating the system and making little adjustments. After I mess around with the sound I’ll throw in some of my favorite movie demos to adjust the picture and the sound if needed. Once I’ve got everything just the way I want it, I give my sound system a little hug.

8. So what's next in your Klipsch system? Any items you’ve been eyeing?

- I’ve got my eyes on the Klipsch special edition Pro-Ject Primary turntable. With vinyl’s unlikely comeback the market is booming right now. Many manufacturers are trying to catch up with the nostalgic past of the turntable and making it better than its initial introduction years past. There’s plenty of old vinyl for sale locally and online. It’s great to see that new labels are now producing vinyl with artists of today. I’ve had my eyes on purchasing a turntable. The Pro-Ject’s turntable has the ability to extract the tiniest detail from the grooves of vinyl records. Couple that with low distortion and it’s a win-win.

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