Woman listening to klipsch reference speakers

Klipsch Owner Stories - Alessandro Pamparana, #MondayShowCase Winner

Our first request is to get a little background on the photo. Did you create this photo specifically to win the showcase? What role do the model and photographer play in your life, or in the photo? What's the story behind the photo?

The picture is part of a photoshoot. The photographer and the model, close friends of mine, asked me to use my loft as a set for a vintage inspired shooting, and some pictures were made with your speakers as the background. I made other pictures for the #MondayShowCase, but this one is more attractive!

Are you a music lover or a home theater system aficionado?

I grew up with music, my dad was a DJ in the 80's, so he was listening to music all the time, and now I cannot live without music.

Tell me about your first experience hearing Klipsch speakers and/or where did you first hear about Klipsch?

I worked for a hi-fi shop in Milan for two years, and I had the opportunity to hear speakers from different brands, but when I heard Klipsch speakers, I immediately fell in love, perfect balance and great power also with a tiny amplifier.

How did you build out your Klipsch home theater system? What do you like most about it?

My set-up is easy, it was made to play vinyl primarily, so I connected my old Lenco turntable to an amplifier, hidden inside a vintage cabinet, with two R-15M speakers.

Is there a spouse or roommate in the picture? What do they think?

The model in the picture sometimes come to my house, but she is not interested in this kind of thing. Fortunately, my girlfriend really loves how it sounds!

When a guest enjoys your Klipsch set-up, how do you want them to feel?

I want them to live the music, like to be always at a live show of the best rock bands, I want to see them jumping and dancing.

What do you suspect the neighbors think?

Probably they think that I’m mad!

Saturday rolls around and it's just you and your Klipsch home theater system. What do you do or what do you play?

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is the soundtrack of my life and the best way to relax.

So what's next in your Klipsch system? Any items you’ve been eyeing?

Probably I will upgrade my set-up with R-15PM powered speakers, so I can remove my amplifier and a lot of cables!

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