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Klipsch in 2015: A Year in Review

Without question, someone around you is going remark about how quickly the year by. It may be cliché, but it sure as heck went by fast for all of us here at Klipsch.

In 2015, we launched several products and initiatives that will serve as cornerstones of the company for years to come whether it be the partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the introduction of the reimagined Reference Premiere series.

So, here are just a few of the Klipsch highlights from the year that was 2015.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers Father's Day

Reference Premiere

The previous Reference II generation is practically iconic. It’s big sound and black and copper design caused CNET to dub the RF-62 II the “equivalent of a 1970s American muscle car -- big, fun and brash.” It was going to take a whole lot of engineering know-how and experimentation to adequately replace this line that served as the Klipsch core for five years.

Boy, did we ever do it. Redesigned, reimagined and revolutionary, Reference Premiere speakers are some of the most musical speakers we have made. They are neatly refined and incredibly efficient while still having the earth-shaking sound that one expects from a company that has a long-standing tagline of “Pissing Off The Neighbors.”

Bill Withers and John Legend at the Rock Hall Inductee Bill Withers (left) and John Legend (right) performed three of Withers' most beloved songs.

Rock Hall Induction Ceremony

In 2015, Klipsch became the first-ever presenting sponsor of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. That is kind of a big deal. It is a huge honor for us to be part of the honoring of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all time.

At the 2015 Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, we, along with millions across the world, were treated to amazing performances from the inductees as well as guest performers like Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Leon Bridges.

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Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

If you have read any of the Klipsch marketing material about the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, you will know that we are calling it the greatest advancement in home theater system since surround…

We meant it then and we still mean it now. Dolby Atmos offers an incredible experience that you simply have to try out. Your movies will never sound the same.

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphone

Reference On-Ear

The all-new Reference On-Ear was introduced at CES 2015 and released later in the year to great acclaim, earning top marks from TechRadar, Digital Trends, PCMag and many others.

It’s simply a “no bullshit” headphone. Great sound. Great comfort.

Reference X Series

Reference X Series

In 2015, we launched the Reference X Series headphones, which is the finest line of in-ear headphones we have ever built. The X20i is the new flagship Klipsch headphone with every little detail considered. Audiophiles are going to love it. We also built upon the legendary X10i/X11i with the launch of the X12i. The XR8i hybrid headphone is the first of its kind for Klipsch with its built-in subwoofer making it an enticing option for lovers of bass. The X6i is the entry-level model of the new Reference X Series, but it sure as heck doesn’t sound like something “entry-level.”

Click here to learn more about what’s new with the Reference X Series.

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Klipsch Groove

The Klipsch Groove signaled our intentions to get into the ultra portable speaker game. We have grown tired of competitor after competitor releasing products that sound terrible and a have a bunch of useless features no one cares about. The Klipsch Groove delivers big sound that belies at size and you can trust us on that.

Bullshit Noise Violation CES Blog Hero

CES 2015

Since CES 2016 is merely days away, it’s fun to reminiscence about what happened at CES 2015. In addition to a breath-taking audio museum, we showed off the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos enabled speakers as well as an early prototype of the Reference Premiere HD Wireless system. Oh and we received a noise violation...of course.

We will show off the final version of this vaunted wireless system as well as a host of other surprises at this year’s iteration of the world’s biggest electronics show. Stay tuned for a full CES 2016 preview and check

What was your favorite Klipsch product of 2015? Let us know in the comments!

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