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Cleaning Audio Equipment

"Does It Spark Joy?"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard this phrase in connection to spring cleaning. Those are the words of Marie Kondo, who you might know best as the organizational guru who wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Essentially, you focus on one item at a time and consider whether it "sparks joy" in your life. If not, you thank the item for its service and bid it adieu.

Springtime is the perfect season for decluttering your audio gear, cleaning dirty devices, and updating your stereo equipment.

Be grateful for your favorite audio gear and say bye to the rest.

Where to Begin?

Any spring cleaning can seem daunting at the outset. First, we recommend going through every piece in your audio system with a fine-tooth comb. Test the various features and make sure that everything is in working order and doesn’t catch a spark in the literal sense.

As you do this, take note of any cables and speakers that aren't working 100% so that they can be repaired or replaced.

You may also want to dive right into the KonMarie Method, which means setting aside the gear that either doesn’t work or you no longer use.

The process doesn't necessarily need to be a spiritual journey where you achieve enlightenment through cleaning (but, if that happens, awesome).

However, it can be a helpful exercise for audiophiles who get overly sentimental about gear that does have a fine layer of dust.

Update Your Gear

The Process: How to Clean or Get Rid of Your Old Gear Safely

Cleaning your high-end speaker cabinets is more than a matter of just spraying Mr. Clean and calling it a day.

First, consider the material. For example, one type of wood will respond differently to cleaning products than another type.

Meanwhile, if the cabinet is coated with a special varnish or wax, you don't want to use a cleaning product that could damage the snazzy exterior. Make sure to read the product manual before going nuts with all-purpose cleaners. If you DO have to risk using a new cleaning solution, just do a small test on a hidden area of the speaker first before going all out.

Likewise, if you need to clean a speaker cone, we recommend using a soft makeup brush and a can of compressed air. The last thing you want to do is poke a hole in the cone.

Always, always be gentle in your cleaning of any audio gear. Treat it with love.

No Spark?

When it's time to get rid of your excess gear, there are a few environmentally friendly options:

  • Donate the equipment to a charity
  • Gift it to a friend
  • Sell it online

Worst-case scenario for your broken or damaged parts - check with your local recycling program and see where you can drop it off for safe disposal.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Now for the good stuff. After you declutter, it's time to spruce it up with some cutting-edge pieces. Believe us, speaker systems have come a long way since your last spring cleaning. Even Marie Kondo likely would struggle not to feel that spark of joy with these Klipsch products:

What cleaning tips do you have? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Update Your Gear Now

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