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Klipsch Holiday Gift Guide

Maybe it’s just the little kid in all of us, but this time of year can really be quite magical. Despite the dipping temperatures, almost everyone seems to walk around with a big ol’ grin on their face despite the cheesy holiday music.

We are on a mission to make sure your supreme gift-giving deems you your parents’ favorite child or your buddy’s favorite friend…Or, you could just get one of these things for yourself. We won’t tell.

So, before you overdose on eggnog and gingerbread cookies be sure to read through our list of oh-so-irresistible ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide.

Bullshit Button Lapel


Klipsch “Bullshit” Button with Collector’s Card

This isn’t some modern, edgy marketing attempt aimed at millennials. “No Bullshit” is a phrase passed down from the fiery and eccentric Paul W. Klipsch. PWK was so upset with the lies Klipsch competitors would throw out there that he took to sporting a bright yellow “Bullshit” button underneath his jacket lapel. Whenever someone dropped in a dubious claim he would reverse the lapel and point to the button.

The “Bullshit” Button comes free with any purchase from the Klipsch Gear Store now through December 31, 2014.

Learn more about the history of the phrase and button.

Woodchuck USA Case


Woodchuck USA Phone Case

Can we be honest for a second? Pretty much all phones look alike – a black slab with an imposing screen. Kinda boring, right?

Enter Woodchuck USA. The fellas from Minneapolis have been making a variety of wood products including phone cases for all of the most popular models (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC ONE). They also have pretty much every type of wood available – walnut, mahogany, birch, cedar, etc.

We’ve been using the cases ourselves for the past few months and can confirm they are both great looking and durable. Even better news is that these cases are made in the Gopher State, making this a great surprise for your friend or loved one.

Read our interview with Woodchuck USA CEO & Founder Ben VandenWymelenberg.

bleedingkeys CD


Hero Jr. & Bleeding Keys

What better way to let your friends and loved ones enjoy their brand new Klipsch products than by giving them the gift of music? During the holiday season take advantage of those year-end “best” lists and pick up a few extra copies of your favorites!

Check out the Solo Crazy EP from Indianapolis based folk/alternative rock band Bleeding Keys who say it best in their song Slick Black Cadillac “…we’re gonna make the city shake ‘til the ground gives way.” (P.S. the song was inspired by Klipsch!)

Looking for music on a budget? Take note of artists like the Indianapolis based four-piece rock band Hero Jr. who are currently letting fans “name their price” on their new album Mixed Race Indiana Marriage.

Klipsch R6 Headphones and Tanner Goods Sketch Book


Klipsch Reference In-Ear Headphones

To throw a cliché out there, great things come in small packages. The new Klipsch Reference in-ear headphones are the perfect present for anyone that travels a lot, works out or just needs peace and quiet.

For under $100, we’re willing to stack these headphones up against any of our competitors’ products. Oh and we make the R6i that has an iPhone-compatible remote/mic and the R6m that works well with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Your family or friends will thank us later.

Go “Beyond the Specs” with Andrew Doerr who designed the acoustics for these headphones.

U-Turn Audio Turntable


U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic Turntable

If you have been reading the Klipsch Joint, you know we are big fans of U-Turn Audio’s Orbit Basic turntable. At $179 dollars, there really isn’t a better offering out there and it’s a great gift idea for someone looking to get back into their vinyl or someone simply looking to give this once-forgotten medium this holiday season.

Assembled just outside of Boston, it boasts a high quality build that is complimented by a warm and inviting sound that pairs perfectly with a pair of Klipsch speakers. For $299, you can get the upgraded Orbit Plus turntable, which has an acrylic platter and Grado phono cartridge.

Read our review of the U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic turntable.

Imogene + Willie


Imogene + Willie Jeans

Pretty much everyone owns a pair of blue jeans, which are practically essential to anyone’s wardrobe. That being said, there are better options out there than the ones sported by Brett Favre in that backyard-football commercial.

We visited the Imogene + Willie factory and storefront in Nashville back in September and immediately fell in love with their brand and staff. Like us, they love music and their Supper + Song sessions are becoming a cult hit in the Music City.

Featuring both classic and slim cuts, Imogene + Willie denim is adorned without any cheesy design flourishes and features a flattering silhouette whatever your body type may be. These just might be the pants you never want to take off. We haven’t…OK, maybe when we’ve showered.

Klipsch Reference R-20B Soundbar


Klipsch Reference Soundbars

Yes, we would love everyone in Klipsch Nation to be rocking a full blown 5.1 surround sound system. BUT we understand that sometimes space, wiring and price are prohibitive costs of entry. That being said, you shouldn’t let your family or friends use those built-in TV speakers!

The Klipsch Reference R-10B and R-20B Soundbars are fantastic solutions that are easy to setup and even easier to enjoy. Klipsch soundbars don’t stray far from the brand’s heritage with 90° x 90° Tractrix® horns delivering crisp highs. For those worried about bass, both models come with a wireless subwoofer that will let you feel all of the low notes.

Here are four things you need to know before buying a soundbar.

Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack


Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack

Full disclosure: our friends at Tanner Goods sent us this backpack to use in photo shoots. Bad news for them is that we aren’t going to give it back without a fight!

The Wilderness Rucksack is one of those items that makes you go “Wow.” Between the durable canvas, rich leather straps, felt-lined laptop pocket, brass buckles and superior craftsmanship, you instantaneously feel and understand its quality. Side note: the leather smelled so good that we had half-a-mind to leave the bag around the office. This bag is truly perfect for the person who wants to get out and go on some adventures.

Available in four different colors, whomever you give this bag to would be very, very happy. Tanner Goods also makes a variety of other leather items in Portland including more bags, belts, wallets and more.

Reference II Speakers


Klipsch Reference Home Theater System

Did you really think we weren’t going to suggest a 5.1 surround sound speaker system? Yes, it’s a big-time purchase and doesn’t exactly fit under the tree, but it would legitimately be one of the best gifts you have ever gotten or received.

Since 1999, the Reference Series is recognized across the industry for being the benchmark of quality and the embodiment of the legendary Klipsch sound. Both the Reference and Reference II speakers will provide one with unsurpassed power, detail and emotion. For the bargain hunters out there, the Reference II speakers are now 20% off at

Red and green are standard Christmas colors, but we don’t think you would mind if they changed to black and copper.

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