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Klipsch at CES 2016: Recap

At CES 2016, Klipsch showed off more new products than it has before in its 70 years of history. With all of the new wireless speakers, powered monitors multi-room systems headphones, limited edition finishes and turntables, you are excused if it’s all hard to digest.

We are going to recap all of the other major occurrences at CES 2016 and break down all of these new CES 2016 products down in one table.

Again, we must note that some of these products may be tweaked before they reach production or pulled all together. That’s simply the nature of the business. We rely greatly on your feedback, so please post on all of our social channels, including this blog post, about which products from CES 2016 you would most like to see from Klipsch.

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A Few More Things

CES 2016 Photos

All the good photos we snapped from CES 2016. If you took some of your own, tag them with @KlipschAudio and/or #Klipsch.





Klipsch won a CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Award for the Reference Premiere Atmos speakers. The Reference Premiere HD Wireless System and XR8i In-Ear Hybrid Headphones were named CES 2016 “Best of Innovation” Nominees.

New Products

You’ve probably been scrolling the article waiting for this list. Hopefully, you read some interesting stuff along the way. Anyway, here is every product we introduced at CES 2016.

Heresy Wireless CES 2 social

Speakers Using WiSA

We are proud to partner with the WiSA association to deliver wireless home theater products that are befitting of the Klipsch name. These speakers are going to change the way many of you feel about powered speakers.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless (Late February)

Heresy III Wireless

Heritage Powered Monitor CES 5 social

Powered Monitors

It always feels nice when we can answer your customers’ wishes. People have been dying for us to make powered monitors, so here we are. We will proudly put these speakers up against anything in its class.

Reference R-15PM Powered Monitor (Late January)

Heriage-Inspired 6.5” Powered Monitor

Heritage-Inspired 10” Powered Monitor

Heritage Room System CES 4 social

Multi-Room Audio

There are probably some of you who have discovered multi-room solutions for your Klipsch already, but it’s about time we make things easier on everyone with our own solutions. Plus, this is a product category DYING for an improvement in audio quality.

Klipsch Gate (August 2016)

Klipsch Powergate (August 2016)

Reference Wireless Speaker (September 2016)

Heritage-Inspired Room System with Play-Fi

Klipsch Stadium with Play-Fi

Heritage Table Top systems CES 7 social

Music Systems

Paul W. Klipsch founded the company 70 years ago with the goal of bringing the live music experience to the living room. Obviously, he succeeded. That being said, the modern consumer demands a certainly flexibility in terms of how they can play back their music. These new Klipsch music systems make it easier than ever to connect to one’s music while borrowing inspiration from many of PWK’s original designs.

TT1 Table Top Heritage-Inspired Music System

TT2 Table Top Heritage-Inspired Music System

Heritage-Inspired Bluetooth 2.1 System

Heritage-Inspired Music System

Klipsch Groove (Now!)

Klipschorn Heresy 70th Limited Edition 1 social

70th Anniversary Speakers

In honor of our 70th anniversary, we are producing limited editions of the Klipschorn and Heresy III. They feature an exotic australian walnut veneer, unique mesh grilles and special logos. Each pair of speakers will have a special 70th Anniversary plaque, hand signed by the builder, identifying it as part of this limited series. There will only be 35 pairs of these 70th Anniversary Klipschorns made and 70 pairs of the 70th Anniversary Heresys. We will announce availability information shortly.

Klipschorn (April 2016)

Heresy III (April 2016)

Klipsch Soundbars CES 1


It’s no secret that soundbars are going into more and more homes, whether they are the primary theater system or the secondary system. Klipsch is ready to play ball with a variety of HDMI + Play-Fi compatible options that promise to defy your acoustic expectations for a soundbar.

RSB-6 (September 2016)

RSB-8 with Play-Fi (September 2016)

RSB-11 with Play-Fi (August 2016)

RSB-14 with Play-Fi (September 2016)

RPTB-3100B Theater Bar + Wireless Subwoofer with Play-Fi (September 2016)

Outdoor Speakers CES 2 social

LS Landscape Outdoor Speakers

Klipsch customers demand great sound wherever they may be, so why not bring it to the great outdoors? We’re revitalizing our line of outdoor speakers with the LS Series of landscape speakers.

PRO-500T-LS Landscape Satellite (May 2016)

PRO-650T-LS Lanscape Satellite (May 2016)

PRO-10SW-LS Half Burial Subwoofer (May 2016)

PRO-12SW-LS Direct Burial Subwoofer (May 2016)

New Klipsch Amplifiers CES

KDA DSP Amplifiers

Launching with our new outdoor speakers are a new crop of flexible, high-performance amplifiers that offer premium amplification for all Klipsch custom install, outdoor and box speakers with easy set-up, flexible DSP and optimizing presets.

KDA-500 (May 2016)

KDA-1000 (May 2016)

Pro-200A (Now!)

CES Headphones 1 social


“When are you coming out with Bluetooth headphones?” is the question that floods the Klipsch social media channels every time we post something about headphones. Well, here you go! We are confident that Bluetooth has finally reached a level of performance that the majority of our fans will be greatly pleased with.

Reference On-Ear (Now!)

Reference On-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Neckband In-Ear Bluetooth (September 2016)

Reference X Series (Now!)

Klipsch Walnut Turntable CES 2016


Yup, we're going into the turntable business, partnering with a well-establish company that makes some of the finest products in the industry. Whether you are rocking a Heritage Series speaker in walnut or a Reference speaker, these turntables are going to feel right at home in your setup.

Klipsch walnut turntable

Klipsch black and copper turntable

What was your favorite Klipsch product shown off at CES 2016? Let us know in the comments!

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