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Klipsch at CES 2016: Day 3

Everyone loves Klipsch sound. That’s pretty much a straight-up fact. You want it anywhere and everywhere you go.

We have continued to add more and more unique solutions that allow you to enjoy legendary Klipsch and here we are at CES 2016 to show you one more way.

Multi-room sound.

We told you that we were waiting for technologies to mature before jumping into the fray and we believe the time is right to start talking about some stuff we have in the works.

What is Play-Fi Wireless Technology?

Play-Fi is a new, yet polished, wireless audio platform for those who want to have speakers throughout their house without complicated wiring. It works through your home’s existing high-speed Internet connection and WiFi network.

We are extremely excited to start growing our portfolio of Play-Fi speakers. After all, who wouldn’t want Klipsch sound ringing throughout their house?

Klipsch Powergate CES 1

Klipsch Powergate with Play-Fi Wireless Technology

So, let’s say you already have some bad-ass passive Klipsch speakers – perhaps Reference Premiere or the Heritage Series - but you want to create a multi-room solution. What you need is a Klipsch Powergate with Play-Fi. It amplifies passive loudspeakers and connects them into a Klipsch multi-room system. The targeted release for the Powergate is August 2016.

Klipsch Gate CES 1

Klipsch Gate with Play-Fi Wireless Technology

On the flip side, let’s say you are buying Klipsch powered speaker like the new Reference Premiere HD Wireless, Reference R-15PM or perhaps the powered Heritage-inspired speakers we told you about yesterday. In this case, you will simply need the Klipsch Gate with Play-Fi. It makes any powered speaker a part of a Klipsch multi-room system. Just like the Powergate, look for this fella in August 2016.

Klipsch Soundbars CES 1

Soundbars, Soundbars, Soundbars

We told you in the CES Preview blog that a bunch of soundbars were coming and we weren’t lying. Many of these soundbars offer common-sense improvements; however, perhaps most excitingly, many of these soundbars have Play-Fi built-in. Play-Fi is a new wireless technology that supports multi-room audio simply and efficiently.

Reference RSB-6: The successor to the super-popular R-4B adds an HDMI connection. Look for it in September 2016.

Reference RSB-8: Like the RSB-6, the RSB-8 boasts HDMI and will be out in September 2016 but this soundbar + wireless subwoofer also offers Play-Fi.

Reference RSB-11: This is the replacement to the R-10B. It has an improved industrial design, additional drivers, additional features/modes and HDMI connectivity. It is due out in August of 2016.

Reference RSB-14: The RSB-14 takes all of the improvements from the RSB-11 and adds Play-Fi for multi-room sound. It should launch in September of 2016.

Reference Premiere RPTB-3100B: Last but certainly not least, the first Reference Premiere Theater Bar is designed for TRUE multichannel home theater applications. It offers the option to add additional wireless speakers that can be used as wireless surrounds or for additional rooms through Play-Fi. The RPTB-3100B also has a tapered industrial design that will come in a unique selection of finishes. This product may be released sometime in the future, so stay tuned!

Reference Wireless Speakers CES 1

Reference Wireless Speakers

Our iconic Reference Series gets the multi-room treatment too! Each Reference Wireless Speaker works as an additional mono or stereo zone in your multi-room system through Play-Fi. You can use it as a surround channel for any of the Play-Fi enabled soundbars listed above or you can pair five of them together for a kick-ass 5.0 system. Oh and it connects easily to your Bluetooth enabled devices too.

Klipsch Stadium CES 1

New Klipsch Stadium Finishes + Play-Fi

Since its introduction, the Klipsch Stadium has always been virtually a piece of art visually, sonically and technologically.

At CES 2016, we introduced a pair of new finishes – piano gloss black and matte black – as well as the inclusion of Play-Fi. One of our most advanced speakers just got that much smarter.

Even more surprises coming tomorrow, so check The Klipsch Joint again tomorrow!

What do you think of what we recapped today from CES 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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